I usually say I'm not an astrologer, but I've had an interest in the subject since 72, when a flatmate introduced me to it. A mathematician, he used to do the calculations for his mum. I visited an Aquarian Festival in London and was intrigued by the first home brew computers running astrology programmes, and that spurred me on to build my own. As an Electronics Engineer, it was the excuse for building my first home computer to write the calculations to produce birth charts. Using a very basic Basic dialect and some excellent astrodynamics text books, I started to learn how the planet's orbits were described. Then I stumbled on Michael Erlewine's Astrology for Computers, written for the Apple II, now long out of print, and I was off.

Much later, I came across the Swiss Ephemeris, which provides all the core algorithms for astrology calculations, and it became much easier and way more accurate in Visual Basic.

One of my other interests is astronomy and the visible sky; comets and asteroids and the new bodies that are outside traditional astrology. I started writing software to assist the understanding of astrology, to keep astrologers eyes in the sky and not always on computer screens and charts.

I've worked with the Wheel of Astrologers at Glastonbury festival and other camps, printing off birth charts using a solar powered computer and printer, and with Tina of Astrocal to produce software for her website to bring the sky and astrology together.

If you need a bit of software with an astrological bent let me know


Here are some links to the programs; they open a new window, so close to return here



Lunar Standstill

The moonrise wanders across the sky in an 18.6 year cycle, and in 2006 there
was a Major Standstill, when over a cycle of new to full moon she
reaches her highest and lowest altitude in the sky. To illustrate this I wrote
a downloadable application using Swiss Ephemeris to show this cycle.


Saturn Return

Calculates when Saturn makes 90 degree aspects to the natal birth chart position, and produces a printed report


Moon Sign

A JavaScript program using Erlewine’s calculation to give an individual's lunar birth sign



A JavaScript program to show the moonphase at a date. Bigger than the ones I've seen on the web so far.



A JavaScript program to show a view of the sky during a particular year when interesting things are happening in the sky. I've written notes on what's visible each month for Tina's Moon calendar for the last couple of years, and this program shows snapshots generated from Starry Night