Chili Massage Rubbing Cream

For some years I've been growing Chilli's various varieties, and last year I had a very good crop. With only 5 plants in a cool conservatory, I had plenty leftover and dried, and a good crop coming up for this year in my new greenhouse. I looked for ways to store them, but decided that I'd have plenty of fresh this year, so looked for alternative uses. Then I remembered what I'd been told of vegetable alchemy by Tchenka, and thought there might be a way of using them up in a creative way.

I get aching muscles and bones, and a quick search on the net revealed several recipes for a chili based massage rub. Its not alchemy in the traditional sense, but the process of boiling up the ingredients had such a magical feel to it, especially when I looked at the charts of the creative process, that I just had to try it!

For info on real plant alchemy, where else but the Alchemy Website

For the reicpe go here This was originally published in Massage & Bodywork magazine, April/May 2001


The Recipe

30gm chopped Chile Peppers
1 pint Olive Oil
100 gm Rosemary leaf
100 gm Comfry leaf

75gm Beeswax
20 drops Lavender Oil
20 drops Marjoram Oil
20 drops Eucalyptus Oil


Put the leaves and peppers in a heat proof container with a lid, NOT metalic, and bring to a low boil.

Simmer gently for fours. Turn off the heat and allow to cool for four hours

Repeat the heating and cooling three times, by when the oil will have gone from yellow to green to dull red/ochre coloured. When cooled, put it in a blender and blend for 20 seconds.

Heat again, then cool. Strain carefully through a seive lined with a panty hose leg.




The Process

The whole boiling process takes 24 hours, and it seemed right to complete that in one 24 hour period. Synchronously, this was 16th April, midday through to midday 17th April. I'm a cookbook astrologer, so I've just noted the keywords that SolarFire 6 throws up.

Click on the chart for a big view.

Start, 16th April 2006 Stroud, Glos

Saturn rising in Leo in 12th House, grand trine Mercury and the Moon. Opposition Chiron
Saturn is the planet ruling the bones, a very appropriate planet to be rising at the start of the project. In Leo, a pride in the work. Common sense and careful plans (trine mercury), a self confidence building firm foundations to achieve amitions (trine moon). Communicating thoughts and feelings with ease (Moon trine Mercury.) A struggle with authority and restriction

Mercury in Pisces, 9th House T Square Mars, and Pluto
Mercury exploring the realms of knowledge intuitively. Difficulty concentrating (square Mars) suffering from obsessive thoughts (square Pluto). Intense feelings, a need to learn balance.

Pluto in Sagittarius trine Sun in Aries
Application to the job in hand.

Jupiter in Scorpio, trine (Uranus conjnct Venus).
Intense search of the truth ,(Jupiter Scorpio) with an enormous abilty to acheive goals (trine Uranus). Larger than life schemes have a habit of paying off. (trine Venus)

Finish, 17th April 2006 Stroud, Glos

To my surprise, most of the aspects held druing the period of boiling, the Moon of course moving most, and breaking the grand trine. A Solid energy to work with.


Final Stage

I left the bottle in the fridge for a month; partly becasue it seemed a good idea, and part practicalities. I had a whole series of camps in April/May and the time didnt seem right.

Heat half a pint of the Chilie Pepper infused oil and 75gm beeswax untill it melts, stir thorougly and add the drops of essential oils. Bottle in cream jars. They could have been a bit bigger to be honest!



Its hot. Just like Tiger Balm or any other muscle rub. It smells nice, and seems to do me good. What else can I say!

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