Chilli Peppers

I've been growing Chilli's for about 3 years, ever since I was given one by Tina and Ceri.

This is one of the originals

Each year I've grown them in my unheated north facing conservatory, and got a good crop, and saved the seed for next year, picking the biggest and fattest one each time.

Normally I cut them down in late September but this year one was growing so well I took it indoors. To my surprise, it just keeps on growing, producing little flowers and then some more pods. I've treated the flowers like tomato flowers, tickling them with a paint brush in case they need to fertilise

I've been feeding with tomato feed, and its working. This photo was taken on January 29th 2006. I think they make nice Christmas decorations!

In 2006 I built my lean to greenhouse, up against the garage door I never use It faces south, theres power in the garage and a water tap. Some really cheap staging from Ikea and a water butt fininished it off in March 2006.

Inside are some of the lunar cutting experiments I did, taking loads of cuttings through the year.

Very shortly, some of the 15 varieties of seeds I planted had started to shoot. I need a better irrigation system, and perhaps a small bed outside so i can grow even more!

I bought seeds from all over the place: the local independent nursury, Dundrys and the best place on the net I found Real Seeds, an organic producer


seeds shoots

By June, they were shooting nicely, and I took some spares to camp and passed them on. As usual, I didnt take enough care about noting which was which, and a few got confused.

Things to do with Chillies

My first was a massage rub, made with the left overs from last year. Pretty interesting stuff

This year I made some very nice Chilli Chutney, Quite hot, and I need to reduce the heat a bit by diluting with some more tomato.

Finally I finished off the last of the peppers, using the same recipe but no hot ones; EXCELLENT for dipping!


Sweet Aji, Mulato, Lipstick, Anaheim

Sweet Aji