My place. Its the left hand one of a pair, shown on the 1850 O/S map surrounded by orchards.


Back home

This is the path down to the front door. Its actually the side of the house, but its the way in. The path is inclined to flood, adding to the sense of security!

Draped over the path is a white climber. On the panel fence is a rose which has just started to climb

To the right of the path is my ring culture tomato bed. The 8 inch pots are filled with compost, and the open bottoms allow the roots to dig down into the gravel. Holding the gravel are 2 trays which hold 3 gallons of water, enough to keep them wet for a week if its not too hot.

Continuing along the path past the front door, the breakfast seat and some climbers.

Plus a little concrete hare

At the end of the path is the conservatory shed, inside are chillies, while outside is another tomato bed, lettice and sage in pots

Looking rather sad if you turn left, are 2 troughs, one with some rather tatty sunflowers, while the other had 8 varieties of potatoes. As I ate the earlies, I put some more tomatos in, just to see if they'll grow

Running parallel with the path, on the other side of the bamboo fence is the rest of the garden. Surrounded on 2 sides by a Leylandi hedge. To the left is the cherry tree, with rhubard.

The first raised bed has, from right to left

  • Asparagus
  • Dwarf runner beans
  • Sweet corn

Behind the bamboo fence is a strawberry bed, about 20 plants.

To the right of the strawberry bed are 2 raspberry beds, Summer and Autumn. The whole bed is netted over to keep out the birdies