After 4 years of thinking, I finally took the plunge to build a greenhouse

Who needs a double garage. In fact,as you can see, its not so much a garage, more a storehouse, and in fact the door conceals my firewood store, so you cant get at it anyway. The door faces due south, and is sheltered, so if anything it may be too hot.

I found an 'Elite' aluminium frame greenhouse, with a low pitch, 8 by 4 ft 6, just the right height to fill the door space. Unfortunatelty, the concrete has a drainage slope on it, to drain the water away, which means you can't just lay on the greenhouse base; the book says its got to be square. You can see the base laid out in the correct position, with bricks to gauge the right height.

I bought it from

Incredibly Sensible Greenhouse Comapany, sadly no more.

Its a Kensington Lean to 4'6" wide ; really nice people, happy to deal with silly questions.

Somewhat over engineered, the foundations. I just made some shuttering, temperarily plugged to the ground. I also drilled and plugged 8 6 inch bolts into the concrete platform to key the new concrete in place.

About 3 barrow loads of concrete, made following instructions from here. Its got a cunning calculator to work out how much you need, and it worked.

1 part of cement
2 parts of sand
4 parts of gravel


Heres the final plinth, with the shuttering removed. I even remebered to add a drain hole, at the lowest point to let any water drain away.

The building of the frame was a bit problematical. After an hours puzzling, I realised they'd supplied the eaves from 2 different sized greenhouses; one was a foot too long. Confirming this with the suppliers, I took it to work and got it cut to the right length; fortunately, all ther pre drilled holes were still in the right place.

Having worked that out, assembly was pretty straightforward, without too much left over!

Glazing went well, in spite of some large glass panels. I selected the heavyweight thick stuff, and green capping bars to hold it in place. Once I realised how to hold the glass in place temporarily, it was fine, but theres not much allowance for any out of squareness.

With an auto roof vent and side vents, it still heats up pretty well, to 30deg C. I've got to remember to keep the door open during daytime.

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