Helen Fuller Orton (1872 - 1955)


She was born at the Fuller family farmhouse between Sanborn and Pekin, New York, the daughter of Merritt Bond Fuller,
a schoolteacher and gentleman farmer, and Lucy Ann Taylor, a former schoolteacher. Helen was educated at home by her parents until she was almost eight years old. She then attended a rustic country school for a year before her parents sent her to middle school in Pekin. For high school, she traveled twenty miles a day to Lockport, New York, graduating in 1893. She taught elementary school in Lockport until 1895, when she married Jesse F. Orton, a law student and economics instructor at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. After moving to Michigan, she audited history, economics, and psychology courses at the university. When her husband completed his degree in 1897, they moved to Grand Rapids, where three of their four children were born. In 1908 the family moved back to New York, settling in Elmhurst, Long Island. Although she never worked as a journalist, Orton took advantage of the family’s proximity to New York City and unofficially studied journalism at Columbia University.

She authored many children's books of American colonial history and mysteries.

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While I was trying to find more about her, I stumbled on some information on the illustrator, the wonderfully named "Luxor Price" Its presented here in this excellent blog, Tracking Down a Forgotten Illustrator: Luxor Price, His Life and His Illustrations by Jenny Schwartzberg  

Thinking about it, its the detail of the illustrations that appealed when I saw the bok as a child. The scary picture of lions in the wood still haunt me!

I've no idea what the copyright status of this book is, if theres a problem, let me know and I'll take it down.

The Little Lost Pigs