This is some work I did for my friend Di pattison

Avebury's Stones Selected Shaped Carved

At Avebury - the Neolithic monumental complex and World Heritage Site in Wiltshire - are Britainís largest stone circle, longest stone avenue and finest megalithic long barrow. These great standing stones have repeatedly been described as unworked since they were first documented, but in a new book, Di Pattison finds abundant evidence to the contrary. Pattison documents a remarkable corpus of over 170 large-scale three-dimensional carvings, including astonishing architectural installations in 4D, the principal motif of which is the human head. She convincingly demonstrates that the carvings and masonry were integral elements of each structure from the outset, certain types of stone being chosen to be worked and others to make tools.

The book is the product of ten years research and has been peer-reviewed. It is introduced by Terence Meaden and Kate Prendergast.

I offered to put together the CD that accompanies the Book, and spent a while swapping emails and CDs to get it right.

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