While a separate Section deals with the general C.D. recreational activities and the formation of an Association for that purpose, reference should be made to the formation of the Civil Defence Players. Formed in 1941, the Players consisted entirely of members of the C.D. Service at that date, although later a few non-C.D. people were taken into the ranks. The Players presented their Productions at the Lloyd Park Pavilion, and during the period of the war produced the following: -

  • Quiet Wedding. - September, 1941.
  • A Murder Has Been Arranged. - February and October, 1942.
  • The Blue Goose. - September, 1942.
  • Dangerous Corner. - January and March, 1943.
  • The Importance of Being Earnest. - May, 1943.
  • Black Limelight. - September, 1943.
  • Dear Brutus. - January, 1944.
  • Jupiter Laughs. - April, 1944.
  • They Walk Alone. - September, 1944.
  • Fresh Fields. - December, 1944.
  • Blithe Spirit. - April, 1945.
  • The Society assisted with the Council's " Entertainments at Home" Programme by presenting Plays from time to time, and the receipts from various performances at different times were given to charities. Other performances in Walthamstow include five given at Highams Park; four in support of the " J " District Wardens' Contact Fund, and one under the auspices of the Winchester Road Methodist Church. A performance was also given to war workers at the Micanite Factory, Blackhorse Lane. In addition to the productions in Walthamstow, repeat performances were given to R.A.F. personnel at Camps and Stations in Cambridge, Henlow and Louth, to an audience of soldiers in the village hall, Cobham, and for the benefit of various other organisations and charities including hospitals at Homerton, IIford and Woodford.

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