I have put them in that order not in any discriminatory sense but because that happens to be their seniority according to the beginning of their political life. Whatever may have been experiences elsewhere we in Walthamstow were happy in our contacts with the other Services at Borough level and higher.

Locally, Sub-Divisional Inspector Deedman and his colleagues, Sub-Divisional Inspectors Cole and Robinson, (representing Walthamstow, Leyton and Woodford Police), Col. C. S. Harrisson of the 55th Battalion of the Essex Home Guard with his Company Officers (and particularly the Adjutant, Capt. R. Pluckrose and the Quartermaster, Capt. R. F. J. Smith), Col. S. J. McAdden of the 8th City of London Home Guard, and, finally, Company Officer A. V. Blackshaw, of the N.F.S. Station. Forest Road, all co-operated to the fullest possible extent whenever required and made our job that much "easier."

Never did we ask for assistance and meet with a refusal, and to the best of our ability we reciprocated. The functions of our four Services were separate and distinct, but our objective was the same: the defeat of the enemy and the preservation of Walthamstow and its citizens. Our efforts were unitedly bent to that common end.

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Part IIa - The Services

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