This Service was organised on a Headquarters basis, i.e., Gas Identification Officers and their assistants were attached to Headquarters and not to the Districts. It consisted of persons who had chemistry qualifications and who were enrolled for the specific purpose of identifying poison gases and advising on all matters relating to poison gas incidents.

As one of the ancillary services it had to struggle against a lack of proper recognition from the very beginning of its existence and we were put to many subterfuges before official approval was forthcoming for issue of even the minimum requirements of uniform and equipment. Even then, much of the latter was supplied by the Officers at their own expense. Had gas been used the G.I. Service would have played a most important part and it is only fair that those who devoted their time and energies to a Service which was never used should receive their full meed of praise and recognition.

We were restricted in regard to the numbers whom we could recruit for this Service and, as they were all part-timers, we suffered losses from time to time by transfer within industry and by calling up to the Forces, but our normal establishment comprised five G.I.O.s and three Assistants. In addition, liaison was maintained with Regional Headquarters and with Group, so that, if necessary, assistance from outside could be obtained.

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