Part II


In the chapters which follow I have endeavoured to give a very brief outline of the parts played by different sections of the Civil Defence Organisation. The amount of space for the various sections is no indication of their relative importance and, in any case, each part of a machine is as important as any other in the sense that lacking any particular part the machine will not function so well. Literally we were all " parts of one another " and I am happy to say that the parts worked smoothly together.

At the end of this record I have inserted five Appendices (A, B, C, D, & E) giving particulars of the Council, of our Emergency Committee, of our Heads of Services, their Deputies and Staff Officers, of our District, Officers and of our First Aid Post Doctors. I have, therefore, not included names of officers or others in respective sections but I should like here to thank all concerned for their help and co-operation at all times.

A special word of thanks is due to the members of the Emergency Committee and of the Council for the way in which they gave us their support when needed and, even more importantly, trusted us to get on with the job without constantly requiring reports on details.

That this was not due to lack of interest in the Town's work will be realised when I record, as a matter of history, that at no time were meetings of the Council suspended or adjourned because of enemy activity. Even when the " imminent danger " signal sounded in the Town Hall, or when the crash of explosions reverberated in the unprotected Council Chamber, the members remained in session to complete the business on the Agenda; only those leaving who were called away to their Civil Defence duties.

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