1940 September

The 23rd August opened the first period of raiding for Walthamstow with the fall of a stick of bombs in the grounds of The White House, Woodford Green, and the adjoining portion of Epping Forest. Eight High Explosive Bombs fell at approximately 3.25 a.m., and although some blast and splinter damage was done to the trees and the corrugated iron fence, and some glass was broken in the gatekeeper's cottage, the only casualties were two Scouts sleeping out who suffered from shock.

23/ 8/40 Epping Forest and grounds of White House 8 H.E.

On the 25th August, three H.E. bombs fell at Low Hall on the tennis courts without producing any casualties and, on the same day and at the same time, one H.E. fell on the L.N.E.R. down-line at the rear of 127, Salop Road, causing no casualties.

25/ 8/40 Low Hall Farm tennis courts 3 H.E.
L.N.E.R., rear of 127 Salop Rd. 1 H.E.

On September 5th we received our baptism of fire. We had a fire in the Forest caused by shrapnel during the day-time and, in the evening, isolated Incendiary Bombs fell at various places at approximately 10.45 p.m., the total number of I.B.s reported being half-a-dozen. (Looking back it is curious to remember how important we thought these few individual I.B.s, whereas in later years we received containers of up to 600 at a time.)

5/ 9/40 Forest (nr. Forest Dr.) Fire from shrapnel
Low Hall Farm, Stadium 3 I.B.
Argall Ave. Jones Factory 1 I.B.
Theydon St., No. 42 and allotments 1 I.B.
Allots rear of St. Saviours Church 1 I.B.

September 7th saw the beginning of the Battle of London when the German planes came in daylight from various quarters to drop bombs at the Docks and in the East End. It was hard to realise that those gleams of silver high in the clear, sunny sky, were carrying death and devastation to a helpless civilian population, but the dull boom of bursting bombs and the rising clouds of dust in the distance told their story. Just occasionally we saw the glint of a fighter trying to stay the stately progress of the attackers and, at intervals, heard the whine of a falling plane or saw the sudden blossoming of a parachute in the blue sky as a pilot baled out.

But we not only saw the enemy planes sailing imperturbably into London with apparently little obstruction; we also received some of the missiles and had our first house property demolished through a High Explosive Bomb falling in Marion Grove just before 6 p.m. Fortunately, there were no casualties - apart from shock - as one house was unoccupied and the inhabitants of the other were actually in their shelter.

The total of H.E. bombs for that day was four, all in the Highams Park and Woodford Side area, one landing near the Highams Park Lake.

7/ 9/40 1 and 3 Marion Dr 1 H.E.
Oliver Rd., nr. Shern Hall 1 U.X. A.A.
(a) Field at rear of Montalt Rd. 1 H.E.
b) Mason Rd., Nos. 4 and 6 1 H.E.
Side of Highams Pk Lake 1 H.E.

On September 8th there were four more H.E.s and one Oil Bomb, all of which landed in open spaces in the Highams Park area causing two minor casualties.

8/ 9/40 Footpath, Cavendish Rd. and Empress Ave. 1 H.E.
Outside 348 Hoe St. Shrapnel
London Hosp. Sports Gd. 2 H.E. Oil
Allotments, in Halex grounds 1 H.E.

September 9th provided a batch of incendiary Bombs which were reported at ten different places, and one H.E.

9/ 9/40 Low Hall Farm, nr. Sports Ground 1 I.B.
Montalt Rd. and Henry's Ave. 2 I.B.
Forest (rear Charter Road) 2 I.B.
Hale End Rd. near Macdonald Rd. 1 I.B.
Walthamstow Ave (opp. Hitchman's) 1 I.B.
L.N.E.R. nr. Coppermill Lane 1 I.B.
Aubrey Road, No. 13 1 I.B.
Lynmouth Road, Nos. 13 and 15 1 H.E.
The Drive (junc. Marlborough Ct.) 1 I.B.
Billet Rd., Britannia Playing Fld. 1 I.B.

On September 10th we had only an A.A. Shell which exploded on the Rolls Sports, Ground, Larkshall Road.

10/ 9/40 Rolls Sports Ground, Larshall Road 1 A.A

September 11th contented itself with one U.X.A.A. Shell and some shrapnel damage to a lamp-post in Evesham Avenue!

11/ 9/40 Goldsmith Rd., No. 83 1U.X. A.A
Evesham Ave. Shrapnel
Hillside Gdns., Nos. 1 and 16 Shrapnel

On 12th September two U.X.A.A. Shells and some shrapnel fell in the Borough.

12/ 9/40 (a) Wickham Rd., No.20 Shrapnel
(b) Winchester Rd., No. 191 Shrapnel
(c) Marlborough Rd., No. 81 Shrapnel
Forest Rd. No. 1025 1 U.X. A.A.
Forest, rear Keynsham Ave. 1 U.X. A.A.

On 13th September one shell exploded in the early hours and a packet of Incendiary Bombs arrived about 11 a.m. covering places chiefly in the west of the Town around the Blackhorse Road and Blackhorse Lane areas. In addition, at noon a German plane was shot to pieces and parts fell in the Borough, and we received (possibly from the same plane) 20 H.E. Bombs, 15 of which tell on the Lea Bridge Factory Estate in the S.W. corner of the Borough, while the other 5 fell at the level-crossing near the end of Coppermill Lane. There were no serious casualties from these bombs.

In the evening of the same day two A.A. Shells exploded in the Town. Altogether an eventful day!

13/ 9/40 Sheredan Rd., junc. Clivedon Rd. 1 A.A.
Reservoir Bank, rear Mills Equipt. 6 l.B.
Pembar Ave, No. 36 1 I.B.
Forest Rd. (land near Morris Singers) 1 I.B.
Blackhorse Lane, L.M.S. Goods Yd. 3 I.B.
Blackhorse Rd. School playgrnd 1 l.B.
Coppermill Lane area x l.B.
Hoe St. (Hitchman's) Parts of plane
Blackhorse Lane (Micanite) 1 I.B.
Coppermill Lane, M.W.B. 6 I.B.
Collard and Turner Rds. Parts of plane
Reservoir and L.M.S. 5 I.B.
Milton Rd. Parts of plane
Lea Marshes, nr. Coppermill Lane 5 H.E.
Melbourne Rd., No. 40 Parts of plane
Factory Estate, Argall Ave. 15 H.E.
Prospect Hill, No. 18 1 A.A.
Evesham Ave., junc. Marten Rd. 1 A.A.
Countess Rd., No. 231 1 U.X. A.A.

The 14th September opened with two shells (one failed to explode) in the early hours and three more shells arrived by breakfast time - two of them not exploding. (That these shells were not to be regarded too lightly is evidenced by the fact that one shell seriously damaged one house and caused minor damage to ten others.) Apart from some shrapnel damage no other incidents occurred on that day, so that we were forcibly reminded of the phrase, "Heaven save me from my friends."

14/ 9/40 Stoneydown Ave., Nos. 5 and 7 1 A.A.
Cairo Rd., No. 63 1 U.X. A.A.
Hillcrest Rd., No. 29 1 A.A.
Woodford New Rd. (nr. Rising Sun) 1 U.X. A.A.
Charter Rd., No. 66 Shrapnel

On the 15th September two sticks of bombs in the early hours were laid across the Town. At 1.15 a.m. one H.E. exploded in Prospect Hill and one fell unexploded in The Drive, while at 1.30 a.m. two large bombs were dropped, one in the gardens adjoining "Brookscroft" Child Welfare Centre, Forest Road, and the other in the allotments adjacent to the Town Hall. The latter caused the largest crater so far seen in the Town, measuring 30ft. or more across and 15ft. deep. (Two men playing chess on Control Room duty moved simultaneously - the only known case of two chess players moving at the same time!)

The four bombs between them accounted for only one shock casualty. In addition to the H.E.s we had one oil bomb in Prospect Hill and two A.A. shells which exploded and two unexploded shells.

15/ 9/40 Forest Rd. (gdns. of "Brookscroft ") 1 H.E.
Forest Rd. (Town Hall allots.) 1 H.E.
Prospect Hill, No. 21 and 23 1 H.E., Oil
The Drive, No. 13 (rear) 1 U.X. H.E.
Forest (nr. Rising Sun) 1 A.A.
Priory Site 1 U.X. A.A.
Stoneydown Shelter, Pretoria Ave. 1 U.X. A.A.

On the 16th September we had our first fatal casualties. Business opened soon after midnight with the report of a U.X. H.E. in Forest land near Highams Park Lake.

At about 3.17 p.m. sixteen High Explosive bombs were dropped in the St. James' Street neighbourhood. Of these twelve fell on Low Hall Farm and St. James' Park and one dropped in each of Haroldstone, Hazelwood, Salop and Chester Roads, producing a number of casualties, including one person killed in Hazelwood Road - our first fatal casualty.

For courage and perseverance at rescue work at the Salop Road incident, Mr. H. J. Bennison (Chief Instructor) earned the British Empire Medal, and Mr. G. E. Bristow (Rescue Service) earned an official commendation.

In the evening two shells arrived; one exploded and caused slight damage, the other did not explode. Round about 10 p.m. the same evening further sticks of bombs were dropped in the Borough. These included bombs on Higham Hill Recreation Ground. Higham Hill - (corner of Mayfield Road), Bunyan Road and Ickworth Park Road, and others on Queen Elizabeth Road (near Chatham Road), Higham Hill Road (opposite Baptist Church), Hamilton Road and Orchard Street, the latter being accompanied by an oil bomb.

At 10.05 p.m. four bombs fell in Orchard Street, Courtenay Road, Edward Road and York Road. Three more bombs were dropped at 10.50 p.m., one in Markmanor Avenue and two on Low Hall Farm.

At fifteen minutes before midnight, a further six bombs were dropped, with which we had the most amazing luck for all of them dropped on open spaces: one on each of Waterlow's Sports Ground, Wadham Lodge Sports Ground, the Stadium Car Park and Salisbury Hall Sports Ground, the other two being oil bombs on the land adjoining Hitchman's, Ltd., in Walthamstow Avenue.

To round off the day two H.E. bombs were dropped at Nesta Road (one on allotments), and an oil bomb on The White House Swimming Pool, making a total of 38 H.E. bombs, two shells and four oil bombs for a busy day.

For all we had 69 casualties, including one killed and one who died on the way to hospital.

16/ 9/40 Forest, rear 40 Keynsham Ave.1 U.X. A.A.
St. James Pk. & Low Hall Farm12 H.E.
Hazlewood Rd., Nos. 35/71 H.E.
Blackhorse Ln., No. 178aShrapnel
St. Michael's Church1 H.E.
Haroldstone Rd. No. 481 H.E.
(a) Salop Rd., no. 731 H.E.
(b) Chester Rd., No. 651 H.E.
High St. (yard of "Palace ")1 A.A.
Palmerston Rd., No. 99Shrapnel
Acacia Rd., No. 631 U.X. A.A.
Queen Elizabeth Rd. (cnr. Chatham Rd.)1 H.E.
Bunyan Rd.. No. 181 H.E.
Ritchings Ave (cnr. Orchard St. and Lime St.)1 H.E.,1 Oil
Hamilton Rd.1 H.E.
Edward Rd.1 H.E.
Ickworth Pk. and Wellington Rds.1 H.E.
Higham Hill Rd. (junction Mayfield Rd.)1 H.E.
Courtenay Rd.1 H.E.
York Rd., No. 58 (rear)1 H.E.
Higham Hill Rd. (opp. Bap. Ch.)1 H.E.
Higham Hill Rec. Ground1 A.A.
Markmanor Ave.. Nos. 55/71 H.E.
Low hall Farm, Paddock2 H.E.
Wadham Rd., Waterlow's Sports Ground1 H.E.
Wadham Lodge Sports Ground1 H.E.
Chingford Rd., Stadium Car Pk.1 H.E.
Walthamstow Ave, Salisbury Hall Playing Fields1 H.E.
Nesta Rd., No. 41 and allots2 H.E.
Walthamstow Ave. (Hitchman's)2 Oil
White House Bathing PoolOil

Early on September 17th we received our first parachute mines. These mines were of the type which was dropped at sea with a view to imperilling our shipping but, finding that they had other than nautical uses, they were extensively used by the enemy during the Battle of London. (Curiously enough, although the American Press referred to mines being dropped in London, the British Censorship would not permit any reference to mines in British newspapers!)

As the mines floated down comparatively gently at the end of parachutes, the craters formed by penetration of the bombs were negligible, for the charge exploded on contact with the ground and spread devastation laterally instead of downward. Our first mine fell at Farnan Avenue at 1.25 a.m., causing a large number of minor casualties but none fatal. The blast area was terrific by the standards of those days, and there was widespread damage to roofs and glass.

The other mine of this pair (and mines always fell in pairs) landed in Sturge Avenue where it failed to explode and was rendered harmless by Captain Blaney, R.E., the Bomb Disposal Officer attached to our Area. (Captain Blaney later suffered the same fate as many of his brave colleagues when he was killed in another Borough by the explosion of a bomb with which he was dealing.)

Just after 2 a.m. we received two A.A. shells (one unexploded), while another two shells arrived and exploded between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. damaging several houses. Between 8.30 and 9 p.m., eight High Explosive bombs arrived in Ickworth Park, Renness, Pasquier, Canning, Higham Hill and Colville Roads, and in the grounds of The Avenue Football Club. Two persons were killed in Ickworth Park Road and two in Canning Road.

At 9.30 p.m., one H.E. in Richmond Road (probably from a stick in Leyton) completed the tally for the day. Sixty casualties in all were reported, of whom four were killed.

17/ 9/40Farnan Ave.1 M.
Sturge Ave.1 U.X. M.
Blackhorse Rd. L.M.S. Stn.1 A.A.
Maynard Rd. Almhses (No. 10)1 U.X. A.A.
Pembroke Rd., Nos. 18/201 A.A.
Hoe St., 390/3921 A.A.
Pasquier Rd.1 H.E.
Ickworth Pk. Rd., Nos. 36/38 and 57/592 H.E.
Higham Hill Rd. (Hitchman's)Fragments from H.E. elsewhere
Canning Rd., No. 38 (front and back)2 H.E
Higham Hill Rd., junc. Winns Ave.1 H.E.
Renness Rd.1 H.E.
Colville Rd., No.1 H.E.
Richmond Rd., No. 21/21 H.E.
Walthamstow Ave. Football Gd.3 H.E.

On September 18th we had another busy day com¬mencing at 8.15 a.m. with the report of craters in the allotments at Higham Hill Road and Lowther Road. On investigation these proved to have been dug by allotment holders! At 8.28 a.m. a U.X. I.B. was reported from Blackhorse Road School - probably left over from an earlier raid.

Our next report was at 8.30 a.m. when four H.E. bombs fell on allotments south of Priors Croft; for all these no casualties were reported. Between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. seven H.E. bombs were reported, one falling at Messrs. Short & Mason's premises in Macdonald Road, one on the L.N.E.R. Line, two in Chaucer and Spencer Roads nearby, and one in Brettenham Road (near Fleeming Close), one in Marten Road, and one in Chestnut Avenue. The Brettenham Road bomb accounted for six persons killed, but the total other casualties for the whole of the bombs amounted to ten to hospital and 35 minor casualties. At Marten Road, although persons were trapped, they were released uninjured.

At 10.20 p.m. a batch of Incendiary bombs was delivered to us in a strip from "The Rising Sun" Woodford New Road, to the Monoux School, Chingford Road, a dozen of them falling at our "F" District Centre (Wood Street School). At 10.30 p.m. two parachute mines, landed close together: one at the corner of Winns Terrace and Forest Road, and the other at the corner of Jewel Road and Forest Road causing widespread devastation. Six persons were killed and five others were missing, presumed killed, six were sent to hospital and there were twenty-one other casualties from these two mines alone.

At 10.55 p.m. a piece of shrapnel caused a casualty outside the Granada Cinema. During the 24 hours we also received two A.A. shells which exploded on impact and six which were unexploded. Half-an-hour before midnight a busy day ended with one H.E. bomb at the Lea Bridge Factory Estate but caused no casualties.

Total for the day:
12 H.E.s, two Mines, over 70 T.B.s, 8 Shells and some shrapnel.

Casualties totalled 102 including 12 killed and 5 missing, presumed killed.

18/ 9/40Blackhorse Rd. SchoolU.X. I.B.
Priors Croft Allots.4 H.E.
Hale End Rd. Allots.1 U.X. A.A.
Coppermill Ln., No. 97 (gdn.)1 U.X. A.A.
Macdonald Rd. and L.N.E.R.2 H.E.
Clivedon Rd., No. 341 A.A.
Chaucer Rd., No. 20 and Spencer Rd., No. 372 H.E.
Brettenham Rd. (nr. Fleeming Close)1 H.E.
Forest Rd., No. 5971 U.X. A.A.
Marten Rd., No. 601 H.E.
Chestnut Ave., cnr. Oliver Rd.1 H.E.
"F" District Centre Wood St. School>12 I.B.
Up. Walthamstow Rd. and Forest Rise9 I.B.
Sturge Ave to Chingford Rd.30 I.B.
St. Peters Aye, No. 271 I.B.
Forest and Spruce Hills Rds.x I.B.
Avon and Fyfield Rds.x I.B.
St. John's Rd.1 I.B.
Winns Ter. and Jewel Rd.2 M.
Woodlands Gdns., No. 811.I.B.
Woodford New Rd. (Rising Sun)1 I.B.
Penrhyn Ave., No. 432 I.B.
Hoe St., outside "Granada"Shrapnel
Billet Rd. (Gilson's)U.X. I.B.
Greenway Ave.10 I.B.
Forest Rd., No. 5971 U.X. A.A.
Lyne Crescent, No. 381 A.A.
Fleeming Rd., No. 791 I.B.
Carr Road (Off.Licence)1 I.B.
Lea Bridge Factory Estate1 H.E.

On the 19th September, I.B.s fell in the Blackhorse Lane area at 1.20 a.m. and at 3.38 a.m. an H.E. bomb fell in Falmouth Avenue. At 3.50 a.m. one H.E. bomb fell in Richmond Crescent and another in Richmond Avenue. In the former case a house was demolished but four persons trapped were rescued unhurt and, in the latter case, the demolished house was already empty. Four exploded and two unexploded shells fell in the Borough during that day.

Casualties for the day: five.

19/ 9/40Chingford Rd., High House>1 U.X. A.A.
Billet Rd. (Sid's Cafe)1 I.B.
Billet Rd. (Wrighton)1 I.B.
Blackhorse Lane (Achille Serre)1 I.B.
Blackhorse Lane (Bluestone)1 I.B.
Blackhorse Lane (Stepney Tyre)2 I.B.
Blackhorse Lane (Baird and Tatlock)1 I.B.
Sutherland Rd. (Schama)1 I.B.
Pembar Ave. (Hollibrands)1 I.B.
Hookers Rd. (Wrights)1 I.B.
Richmond Crescent, No. 461 H.E
Richmond Ave.,Nos. 94/61 U.X. H.E.
Selwyn Ave., No. 1261 U.X. A.A
Falmouth Ave., No. 331 H.E.
Falmouth Ave., No. 181 H.E
Wickham Rd., No. 91 I.B.
Forest View Rd., opp. No 721 A.A
Coppermill Lane School1 A.A.
Larks Hall Rd. (Boys Bgde H.Q.)Shrapnel
Walthamstow Ave. (De La Rue)1 U.X. A.A.
Hale End Rd., No. 2581 U.X. A.A.

The 20th September was a light day; no bombs arrived and we had only two A.A. shells, both of which failed to explode.

20/ 9/40West Ave., "May Croft"1 U.X. A.A.
Chingford Rd. Stadium1 U.X. A.A.

September 21st presented us with two mines which fell at 4.50 a.m., one in Raglan Road destroying the Public House, and the other in Grove Road, near College Road corner. In the case of the former there were ten minor casualties, but the latter caused two deaths, one person was sent to hospital and there were eight other casualties.

Two exploded A.A. shells were also recorded.

21/ 9/40Low Hall Lane/Albany Road1 A.A.
Raglan Rd./Shernhall St.1 M.
Grove Rd. (nr. College Rd.)1 M.
Coleridge Rd., No. 551 A.A.

On 22nd September Incidents commenced with about 150 I.B.s which fell at 3.15 a.m. in Highams Park in the roads east of the railway. Apart from one A.A. shell which exploded in Wadham Avenue at 8.48 p.m. no further missiles were received until approximately 9.15 p.m. when H.E. bombs fell in Devonshire Road, Westbury Road, Sylvan Road and Selborne Road. The Westbury Road bomb killed seven persons andsent three to hospital in addition to one minor casualty.

The Sylvan Road bomb killed one person and was successful in extinguishing the whole of the electric lighting in Walthamstow as it fell on the outgoing cables from the electricity generating station. Thanks to good work by the Electricity undertaking, lighting was restored within a few hours but this was the first occasion on which the electricity services had been seriously impaired. One H.E. also fell in the yard at the rear of the Old Monoux School, which was then serving as C.D. Shadow Headquarters. This bomb damaged the staff shelter and gave Shadow Headquarters a good shaking.

With the H.E.s two oil bombs also fell-one unignited in Albert Road and one which ignited in Selborne Road Recreation Ground. At 9.45 p.m. a pair of mines landed fairly close together: one in Brookfield Avenue and one in Prospect Hill. The former killed five people and caused four hospital cases and thirty-five minor casualties, while the latter killed none but sent four to hospital and provided fifteen minor casualties. At 10 p.m. two H.E. bombs in Shernhall Street (one near Turner Road and the other at the corner of Church Hill Road) ended a varied day during which we had 7 H.E.s, 2 Mines, 2 Oil Bombs and 150 I.B.s

22/ 9/40Abbott's Cresc., Balliol, Nightingale. Sunneydene Aves. & Forest Glade100 I.B.
From Keynsham Ave. to The Avenue Montalt Rd. and Sunset Ave.Approx. 20 I.B.
Falmouth Ave. Nos. 45/7 and 79x I.B.
Lloyd Pk., cricket pitch1 .U.X. A.A
Wadham Ave.. No. 521 A.A.
Albert Rd., No. 25Unignited Oil
Devonshire Rd. No. 61/31 H.E.
Westhury Rd., Nos. 41/31 H.E.
Selborne Rd.. Recreation GroundOil
Sylvan Rd. (adj. Power Station)1 H.E.
Selborne Rd., Nos. 5-111 H.E.
Hookers Rd. Electricity sub-station.Shrapnel
Brookfield Ave (cnr. Shernhall St.)1 M.
Shernhall St. (nr, Turner Rd.)1 H.E.
Prospect Hill1 M.
Church Hill Rd.1 H.E.
Shadow headquarters, High St.1 H.E.

On 23rd September the daytime was peaceful apart from five shells which arrived at different times and failed to explode. It was not until the evening that we had real trouble when at 10.30 p.m. one H.E. bomb fell in Sky Peals Road and another exploded in Westbury Road, on the site of the previous night's Incident, injuring five people, while, I.B.s were reported in 35 places causing on minor casualty. In addition, we had one minor casualty during the evening caused by an Incident in the Woodford area.

23/ 9/40Palmerston Rd.1 U.X. A.A.
River Lea (Wharf)Suspected I.B.
Sturge Ave., No. 1201 U.X. A.A.
Wadham Rd., L.C.C. Sports Pav.1 U.X. A.A.
Countess Rd., No. 121 U.X. A.A.
Billet Rd. (B.D.H. Spts. Gd.)1 U.X. A.A.
Billet Rd., cnr. Chingford Rd.x I.B.
Westbury Rd.1 HE.
Roberts Rd. Tele. Exch.x I.B.
Higham Hill Rd.x I.B.
Knebworth Ave., No. 411 I.B.
Blackhorse Ln (Mills Equipt.)1 I.B.
Goldsmith Rd.1 I.B. 1 U.X. A.A.
Lea Bridge Factory Estate.x I.B.
Low Hall Farm1 I.B.
Lloyd Pk and Chestnuts Field40 I.B.
Queens Rd., Lighthouse Ch.1 I.B.
Carlton Rd., No. 1201 I.B.
Forster Rd., No. 21 I.B.
Markhouse Ave.4 I.B.
Rodney P1., Priors Croft, Oakflield Rd.x I.B.
Markhouse Rd.1 I.B.
Acacia Rd., Nos. 81/2 and roadwayx I.B.
Hibbert Rd. and Theydon St.2 I.B.
Billet Rd. No. 671 I.B.
Penrhyn Ave. No. 451 I.B.
L.N.E.R. (nr. St. James Pk.)2 I.B.
Billet Rd., No. 1452 I.B.
Billet Rd. (near Durban Rd.)1 I.B.
Shakespeare Rd., Nos. 12 & 522 I.B.
Countess Rd., No. 36 11.I.B.
Forster Rd., No. 241 I.B.
Markhouse Ave., No. 651 I.B.
Clarence Rd., No. 291 I.B.
Fleeming Rd.. Pennant Ter., Elphinstone Rd.3 I.B.
Acacia Rd., No. 961 I.B.
Downsfield Rd.. No. 351 I.B.
Markhouse Rd. (Coopers)1 I.B.
Low Hall Ln, and Downsfield Rd.x I.B.
Tudor Ct., No. 471 I.B.
Mt. Pleasant and Manor Rds.x I.B.
Sky Peals Rd., Forest land1 H.E.
Myrtle Rd., No. 251 I.B.

On 24th September, in the first hour past midnight, we had five H.E. bombs, one of which failed to explode in Hale End Road, while one in Carnanton Road delayed explosion for some hours giving time for premises to be evacuated. The two which fell in Douglas Avenue and Monoux Grove caused two deaths but the remainder (including one in Grantock Road) caused no fatal casualties.

At 4.10 one heavy H.E. bomb landed in the garden of the end house in St. Peter's Avenue and caused a small crater which at the time was assumed to be a one-cwt. bomb. In light of subsequent information it was suspected that this was a large bomb unexploded, and after the B.D.S. had dug 35ft. down it proved to be an unexploded one-ton bomb.

The " twin" to this, (one-ton bombs, like mines, always came in pairs), fell at Houghton Butchers, Ful¬bourne Road. This was a delayed-action bomb and exploded three hours later.

At 6.12 a.m. an unexploded mine landed in Park-side, Woodford Green, and provided us with a perfect parachute. (The " twin " for this mine fell outside the Borough.) At 7.20 a.m., four H.E.s landed on or near the Elms Playing Fields, Coppermill Lane, causing only two minor casualties.

At 7.28 p.m. an unignited oil bomb fell in the Forest near Forest Rise. During the 24 hours, four A.A. shells exploded in the Borough. The casualties for the day amounted to two killed, six to hospital and 26 others.

24/ 9/40Pentire Rd.1 H.E.
Carnanton Rd., No. 381 H.E.
Grantock Rd., Nos. 12/14/161 H.E.
Douglas Ave., No. 72 and cnr. of Monoux Grove2 H.E.
Fulbourne Rd. (Houghton Butcher)1 H.E.
Rear of Parkside Allots1 U.X. M.
St. Peters Ave1 U.X. H.E.
Hale End Rd., No. 1211 U.X. H.E.
Beverley Rd., No. 311 A.A.
Elmfield Rd., on Reservoir bank1 H.E.
Coppermill La., London Playing Fields3 H.E.
Guildsway, No. 111 I.B.
(a) Warwick Rd. No. 52 (rear)1 U.X.A.A.
(b) Manor Rd., No. 1331 A.A.
Copperrnill Lane (M.W.B.)4 H.E.
Forest (between Pentire and Trevose Rds.)Unignited Oil
Forest Rd. (Morris Singer')2 I.B.
Blackhorse Lane (Micanite)1 A.A.

The 25th September accounted for only three shells from the A.A. barrage, all of which failed to explode. We had no enemy missiles within our boundaries that day.

25/ 9/40Forest (nr. Kingfisher Pool)1 U X. A.A
Rectory Rd. No. 71 U.X. A.A
Blackhorse Lane (Mills Equipt.)1 U.X. A.A.

On 26th September our Incidents were well spread out. We had H.E. bombs in Longfellow and Collingwood Road, the bomb in Collingwood Road being " delayed action " and not exploding until just before 1 p.m. Between them the bombs accounted for four hospital casualties and ten others. A shell failed to explode at Low Hall Farm during the morning, but another, less fortunately, exploded in Blackhorse Lane at approximately 2.40 p.m.

A peaceful afternoon was followed by an Incendiary raid at 9.50 p.m., reports being received of I.B.s at 21 different places (with three minor casualties), and, in addition, three oil bombs in Palmerston Road and one in Winns Avenue.

26/ 9/40Longfellow Rd., No. 114-81 H.E.
Collingwood Rd., Nos 3/51 H.E.
Low Hall Farm1 U.X. A.A.
Blackhorse Lane (Duro Glass)1 A.A.
Staffa Rd. Factoriesx I.B.
Low Hall Farmx I.B.
Station Rd., No.23x I.B.
Luton Rd. 1 I.B.
Palmerston Rd., Nos. 902 Oil/
St. James St., "Brewery Tap". 1 I.B.
Markhouse Ave., No. 95. 3 I.B.
St. James St. (Humphrey & Gordons). 1 I.B.
Renness Rd., Nos. 12/4 and 36x I.B.
Hartington Rd., No. 611 I.B.
Roma Rd., No. 511 I.B.
Markmanor Ave Sports Ground14 I.B.
Tudor Court, No. 271 I.B.
Acacia Rd.5 l.B.
Grange Rd., No. 21. 1 I.B.
Low Hall Lane area.x I.B.
Downsfield Rd., No. 382 l.B.
Northcote Rd., No. 611 I.B.
Clacton Rd., Nos. 36 and 59.2 I.B.
Palmerston Rd., Rosins Cnr.Oil
Walpole Rd. No. 301 I.B.
Wellington td., Nos. 5 and 35.2 I.B.
St. James St., "Coach and Horses" 1 I.B.
Markhourre Ave., No. 92.1 I.B.
Winns Ave., No. 208/10Oil

On 27th September we had only two shells, neither of which exploded.

27/ 9/40Salshbury Rd., No. 281 U.X. A.A.
21/ 9/40Warner Rd., No. 1881 U.X. A.A.

On 28th September one exploded shell and one shell base provided our sole Incidents.

28/ 9/40Lime St., Nos. 13/51 U.X. A.A.
Victoria Rd., No. 4Shrapnel

On 29th September an unexploded shell fell in a Fulbourne Road garden and a shell nose cap damaged the roof and ceilings of a house in Cavendish Road.

29/ 9/40Fulbourne Rd., No. 51 U.X. A.A.

30th September furnished one unexploded shell.

30/ 9/40Hatheriey Rd.. No. 53a1 U.X. A.A.

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