1940 October

1st October. Just a few minutes after midnight one oil bomb dropped in Morley Avenue, another on Wadham Lodge Sports Ground and a third at Wadham Road Bridge (making a filthy mess on the concrete), while two other oil bombs fell in gardens in Hollywood Way at 12.30 a.m. There was an unexploded shell in Pretoria Avenue and one isolated H.E. in Evanston Avenue which caused no damage even to windows.

1/10/40Morley Ave. No. 25Oil
Wadham Lorige Spts. Grd. & Wadham Rd. Bridge2 Oil
High St. (Lidstones)1 U.X. A.A.
Hollywood Way, Nos 52 & 7/92 Oil
Evanston Avo., No. 231 H.E.
Staffa Rd. (Austins)1 I.B.
L.N.E.R., Coppermill Lanex I.B.
Low Hall Farm, stables1 I.B.
Alexandra d., No. 27Oil
Rensburg Rd.6 I.B.
Hazeiwood Rd., No. 371 I.B.
Markmanor Ave. (fields)5 I.B.

On the 2nd October a shower of I.B.s fell at about 4.15 a.m. and were reported from 14 different places in the area west of Markhouse Road. Included with the I.B.s was one oil bomb at Alexandra Road. The only other excitements in that day were two unexploded shells.

2/10/40St. James Pk.1 I.B.
Frederick St., No.11 I.B.
Hartington Rd., No. 601 I.B.
Coppermill Lane School1.I.B.
Morland Rd., No. 261 I.B.
Coppermill Lane and Chester Rd.x I.B.
Argail Ave (Kay & Sons)6 I.B.
Coppermill Lane, London Playing Fields1 U.X. A.A.
Cavendish Rd., B.B. Spts. Grd.1 U.X. A.A.

On the 3rd October, presumably in order to provide a little variety, a drifting balloon at 5.15 a.m. damaged roofs and chimneys in the area around Merton and Grove Roads, but it was not until 4.12 p.m. that we received enemy missiles. On this occasion six H.E. bombs fell in the south-east area of the Town landing in the Council Depot at Fulbourne Road, Wood Street (corner of Wyatts Lane), Wood Street (corner of Linford Road), on the L.N.E.R. embankment near Wood Street Station, one in Chestnut Avenue and one in Raglan Road. The casualties totalled one killed, two to hospital and 14 others.

The one in Wood Street, at the corner of Wyatts Lane, created a large crater and broke the mains, and the other at the corner of Linford Road collapsed two shops, out of one of which persons were taken injured to the First Aid Post. The shopkeeper was among the injured, and when he recovered consciousness in the First Aid Post, he looked at one of his customers lying on another stretcher and said reproachfully, " Bill, you haven't paid for those kippers yet!"

The one which fell at Raglan Road destroyed a stable but the Rescue Party were gratified eventually by rescuing uninjured the horse housed therein.

3/10/40Merton and Grove Rds.Baloon Damage
Wood St., cnr. Wyatts Lane1 H.E.
Wood St., L.N.E.R. Embankment1 H.E.
Raglan Rd. (opp. Ferndale Ave.)1 H.E.
Chestnut Ave., No. 561 H.E.
Fulbourime Rd., Council Yd.1 H.E.
Wood St., cnr. Linford Rd.1 H.E.

The 4th October provided a mixed bag. Within half-an-hour of the commencement of that day 24 reports of Incendiary bombs were received, the stream of bombs covering a path from Shernhall Institute in Oliver Road to the Girls' County High School in Church Hill, and including in its ambit Connaught Hospital, the Old Town Hall and St. Mary's Church. At 10.5 a.m. Connaught Hospital had some shrapnel in its gardens. The afternoon was peaceful but from 8.38 p.m. onward a further swarm of I.B.s was reported from nine different places (2 minor casualties) and I.B.s set fire to a paint store adjacent to the new Town Hall which was not then quite completed, although the sub-ground floor was occupied by the A.R.P. Department. This fire was put out by the N.F.S. who drew water from the pool in front of the Town Hall. The Technical College also shared in these I.B.s.

A few minutes after 9 p.m. one H.E. was reported in Foresters Drive, and, as we received no others at that time, it was probably part of a stick lying across Leyton. At 9.25 p.m., while on patrol duty, two part-time wardens (Messrs. E. Ellis and H. L. Duke) were injured by an exploding shell and died later from their injuries.

Two H.E.s fell near the Kingfisher Pool in Oak Hill (two minor casualties), and two more in the Forest at 9.35 p.m. while, ten minutes later, another H.E. fell in Woodside Park Avenue which again was probably part of a Leyton stick. At 10.5 p.m. four H.E.s fell near the junction of Forest Road and Fulbourne Road, three falling in Clifford Road at Houghton Butcher's Works and the NAAFI Store. (One of these was delayed action and did not explode until noon of the following day.) There were also I.B.s associated with these and a soldier was killed by one of the H.E.s while dealing with I.B.s.

The other H.E. of this stick fell in Forest Road between Castleton and Hillcrest Roads. I.B.s, however, also fell near The White House, Woodford Side, with one H.E. in Oak Hill in Forest land near the Kingfisher Pool.

4/10/40St. Mary's Church3 I.B.
Summit Rd., No. 201 I.B.
St. Mary Rd.2 I.B.
Rosslyn Rd., No. 11 I.B.
Brunswick St.1 I.B.
Maynard Rd.1 I.B.
Church Hill. Girls' High School6 I.B.
Church Lane (opp. Leyhurn Cl.)1 I.B.
St. Mary's Church3 I.B.
Ravenswood Rd.1 I.B.
Falmer Rd. No. 181 I.B
East Ave., No. 10 & cnr. Orford Rd.2 I.B.
Orford Rd., Orford Hse.1 I.B.
Hurst Rd.. No. 21 I.B.
Wilson St.1 I.B.
Addison Rd.1 I.B.
West Ave., No. 61 I.B.
Orford Rd., Connaught Hosp.1 I.B.
Orford Rd., adj. Old Town Hall1 I.B.
Beulah Rd.3 I.B.
Vestry Rd.5 I.B.
Orford Rd., adj. Old Town hall1 I.B.
Orford Rd., Church Hse.1 I.B.
Orford Rd.2 I.B.
Orford Rd., Connaught Hosp Gdns.Shrapnel
Grove Rd. (nr. Hoe St.)1 I.B.
Spruce Hills Rd. 61.I.B.
St. John's Rd.1 I.B.
Forest Rd. (S.W.E. Tech. College)1 I.B.
Hurst Rd.2 I.B.
Forest Rd., Town Hallx I.B.
Foresters Drive, No. 261 I.B.
Ulverston Rd., No. 621 I.B.
Oak Hill (or. Kingfisher Pool)2 H.E.
Essex Rd., cnr. Salop Rd.1 A.A.
The Drive, No. 51 I.B.
Clifford Rd. (Houghton Butcher)3 H.E.; x I.B.
Forest Rd. (between Castleton & Hillcrest Rds.)1 H.E.
Forest, near "White House"x I.B.
Mill Lane, Woodford New Rd. and Forestx I.B.
Woodside Pk. Ave., Nos. 22/41 H.E.
Friars Watch. Billet Rd.1 I.B.
Forest Rd., Howard Mansions3 I.B.
Forest, betw. Oak Hill & Gascoigne Gdns.1 H.E.
Forest, nr. Kingfisher Pool1 H.E.

On 5th October one H.E. fell in Forest Road near Ulverston Road at about a minute past midnight causing 17 casualties (none fatal). Three persons were trapped in a basement and two in an Anderson Shelter, all being rescued alive. Forty minutes later 2 oil bombs were reported at St. James' Park and Low Hall Farm.

Soon after midday an unexploded A.A. shell was recorded, and at 8.14 p.m. one H.E. fell at Crealock Grove.

5/10/40Forest Rd.. Nos. 1005/71 H.E.
St. James Pk (Balloon Site)Oil
Low Hall Farm1 H.E.; 1 Oil
Wadham Rd., No. 1801 U.X. A.A.
Crealock Grove, No. 71 H.E.

6th October. We had an unexpected relief for no Incidents were recorded-the first clear day since the Battle of London commenced.

On the 7th October we had only one raid but this provided us with four High Explosive bombs (one of which entered a block of flats), two oil bombs and a few I.B.s on a stick from Whipps Cross corner to Radbourne's Dairy at the corner of Fulbourne Road. In all, one person was killed, one died later in hospital and there were four other casualties.

7/10/40Fulbourne Rd. (Radbourne's)Oil
Woodlands Rd., No. 56/8Oil
Hainault Ct., Nos. 32-371 H.E.
Walthamstow Cricket Gd (Buck Walk)1 H.E.
Greenway Ave., Nos. 55/7/91 H.E.
Forest (between Rising Sun & Forest School)x I.B.

On the 8th October we had a busy time. At 1.35 a.m. three High Explosive bombs were dropped in the area east of Fulbourne Road and north of Forest Road, killing two persons and injuring ten others. A few minutes later ten High Explosive bombs fell in the Woodford Side area without causing any casualties, the White House again being heavily under fire with four of the ten.

Soon after 5.30 a.m., twelve more High Explosive bombs were received (again no casualties), covering a strip from Barrett Road School across the L.N.E.R. to the corner of Shernhall Street and Vallentin Road. In addition, I.B.s were dropped at Wadham Lodge, Sturge Avenue and St. John s Road without causing casualties.

At 8.22 we had one shell which exploded in Markmanor Avenue wrecking a house and partly demolishing two others.

At 9.10 p.m. two more High Explosives were dropped, one in Howard Road and one at the Monoux Almshouses, between them causing only three minor casualties. It was also reported that there was an unexploded bomb in an old tomb adjoining the tower of St. Mary's Church. This was investigated in the dark by the Bomb Disposal Officer, who could feel the shape of the bomb and jagged edges of the fins partly covered by debris. The Bomb Disposal Squads were exceedingly busy removing U.X.B.s from residential areas and the Church had to remain closed until the bomb could be dealt with. Ultimately, when steps were taken to remove the U.X.B. it was discovered that it was, in fact, an old lead coffin similarly shaped to a bomb; the rough edges believed to be fins being parts of the coffin damaged by the fall of debris from the Church tower!

8/10/40Pentie Rd., No. 38/40, Carnanton Rd.. No 2/42 I.B.
Fulbourne Rd., No. 1701 H.E.
Chaucer & Forest View Rds. (allotments)1 H.E.
(a) Nesta Road, No. 291 H.E.
(b) Woodford Rugby Gnd.1 H.E.
(c) Forest land4 H.E.
(d) Chestnut Ave., Nos. 2 and 41 H.E.
(e) Wood St., No. 2301 H.E.
Barrett Rd. School Playground3 H.E.
Wadham Lodge Sports Ground.1 I.B.
Sturge Ave., No. 631 I.B
Shernhall St. (nr. Vallentin Rd.)1 H.E.
Vallentin Rd., No. 81 H.E.
St. John's Rd.x I.B.
Vallentin Rd., No. 261 H.E.
White House, nr. Bathing Pool2 H.E.
Brookfield Ave. rear Goods Yd.3 H.E., 1 U.X., 1H.E.
White House (Woods)1 H.E.
White House (Drive)1 H.E.
Markmanor Ave., No. 551 A.A.
Howard Rd., Nos. 22/4/61 H.E.
Monoux Almshouses1 H.E.

On 9th October, soon after mid-day, 14 exploded and one unexploded H.E. bombs fell in the Borough, chiefly in the area between Billet Road and Brettenham Road and east of Blackhorse Lane. This time we were not so fortunate and four persons were killed, four sent to hospital and 33 others were also injured.

At 2.15 p.m. a balloon was struck by lightning near Greenway Avenue, but nothing else occurred until 8.10 p.m. when four H.E. and one U.X. H.E. were reported in the Highams Park area killing two and injuring four other persons.

The day's proceedings closed at 9.15 p.m., with four oil bombs at Sinnotts Road, three falling in the allotments and one in the roadway.

9/10/40Cobham Rd.. Railway Terrace.1 I.B.
Elmfield Rd. No. 691 U.X. A.A.
Brettenham Rd., No. 901 H.E.
Chandos Ave., Nos. 1 & 21 H.E.
Ardleigh Rd., No. 301 H.E.
Blackhorse Lane (Achille Serre)1 H.E.
Winns Ave, corner of Badlis close.1 H.E.
Higham St. ('between Higham Hill & Sutherland Rds)1 H.E.
Lloyd Pk. trench shelters1 H.E.
Brettenham Rd., No. 941 H.E.
Tavistock Ave. School Playground.1 U.X. H.E.
(a) Countess Rd.1 H.E.
(b) Priors Croft, Nos. 84/61 H.E.
Roma Rd., No. 38 (Anderson Shelter.)1 A.A.
Fleeming Rd., No. 351 H.E.
Wigton Rd. School Playground1 H.E.
Stirling Rd. (Wells Ltd.)1 H.E.
Greenway Ave.Barrage balloon struck by lightning caused fire
Elphinstone Rd., No. 1131 H.E.
(a) Falmouth Ave., Nos. 87/91 H.E.
(b) R. Ching, nr. Gordon Ave1 H.E.
Abbotts Cresc., Nos. 60/21 H.E.
Nightingale Ave. (corner of The Avenue)1 U.X. H.E.
Abbotts Cresc., Nos. 81/31 H.E.
Sinnotts Rd., allots, and roadway4 Oil

On the 10th October we had three H.E.s at 5.40 a.m., one of which fell in Bedford Road demolishing a house and killing five people and injuring another. In Ruby Road there was one in the front and one at the rear of Nos. 40 and 42!

There was then a lull until 9.55 in the evening when Incendiary bombs were reported at six different places in the Billet Road and Walthamstow Avenue area and an hour later six H.E., one U.X. H.E. and one oil bomb were received in the Blackhorse Road and Priors Croft areas.

Total casualties were four to hospital and 25 others of whom five were injured by I.Bs.

10/10/40Forest Rd., No. 688Suspected I.B.
Bedford Rd., No. 31 H.E.
Ruby Rd., No 40/2 (front & rear)2 H.E.
Walthamstow Ave A.A. Gun Site1 I.B.
Walthamstow Ave, Mann Crossman Playing Fields50 l.B.
Billet Rd. (Wrightons)1 I.B.
Walthamstow Ave (open land)Molotoff
Countess Rd., No. 41 I.B.
Walthamstow Ave. Eton Manor Sports Ground1 I.B.
Blackhorse Rd., nr. "Union Jack"1 H.E.
Lloyd Pk. Balloon Barrage1 H.E.
Priors Croft1 H.E.
Elmfield Rd., No. 421 H.E.
Aveling Pk Rd., No. 36Oil
Lloyd Pk, nr. trench shelter1 H.E.
Blackhorse Lane (Haskins)1 H.E.

The 11th October was a quiet day. We had only one shell reported which had arrived the previous evening in Wadham Road and failed to explode.

11/10/40Manor Rd., No. 61 U.X. H.E.
Wadham Rd., No. 1881 U.X. A.A.

On October 12th at 7.45 p.m., six H.E.s fell in the west of Walthamstow, two being on or near factories in Blackhorse Lane (four minor casualties), the remaining four being near the Coppermill Lane Reservoir. There was also one U.X. shell in the River Lea.

12/10/40Uplands Ave.1 H.E.
Blackhorse Lane (nr. Micanite)1 H.E.
M.W.B. Coppermill Lane4 H.E.

On October 13th one stick of bombs fell in the Borough at 11.12 p.m. This comprised eleven H.E.s covering a range across Carisbrooke, Palmerston, Bensted, Hazelwood, Russell, York, Wadham, Fleeming and Walpole Roads, with two in Lloyd Park, one on Waterlow's Sports Ground and one in York Road.

Between them the eleven bombs averaged only one casualty each, none being fatal although four were sent to hospital.

13/10/40Carisbrooke Rd.. No. 771 H.E.
Palmerston Rd., opposite Melbourne Rd.1 H.E.
Bemsted Rd., No. 351 H.E.
Hazelwood Rd.1 H.E.
York Rd., No. 52 and St. Oswalds Church Hall2 H.E
Wadham Rd., Waterlow Spts Gd.1 H.E.
Penrhyn Ave., No. 811 H.E.
Fleeming Rd., No. 521 H.E.
Walpole Rd., No. 411 H.E.
Lloyd Park Playing Field1 H.E.

On October 14th the first incident was the fall of a nose cap at 2.30 p.m. in Thorpe Crescent. At 8.10 p.m. two H.E. bombs fell in Higham Hill Road (one person killed and ten injured), one in Carlton Road (four injured), and an oil bomb on The Avenue Football Ground. Twenty minutes later a number of I.B.s fell in the Woodford Side area.

At 9.35 p.m. two H.E.s and one U.X. H.E. fell in Coolgardie Avenue and on the L.N.E.R. line at the rear thereto without causing casualties. The day's Incidents closed at 10.40 p.m. with a string of H.E.s totalling ten in all, one being in Spruce Hills Road, two in Sturge Avenue and seven on the Chestnuts Fields between the Town Hall and the Monoux School. None of these caused casualties.

14/10/40Thorpe Cresc., No. 11Shrapnel
Higham Hill Rd., bet. Hamilton & Green Pond Rds.1 H.E.
St. Andrew's Rd., Cr. Higham Hill Rd.1 H.E.
Avenue Football GroundOil
Cornwallis Rd.1 H.E.
Oak Hill Gdns., No. 341 I.B.
Mill Plain, Forest & Wdfd New Rd.x I.B.
Coolgardie Ave. No. 1201 H.E.
L.N.E.R., near Richmond Ave., No. 111 H.E.
Spruce Hills Rd., No. 1071 H.E.
Sturge Ave., No. 1481 H.E.
Sturge Ave., No. 1471 H.E.
Chestnuts Fields7 H.E.

On October 15th one shell fell at 105, Orford Road and threw pieces of crazy paving up to 200 yards away in the early hours. At 8.59 another shell exploded on The Elms Playing Field, Coppermill Lane. Two more shells fell at 11.45 a.m. but failed to explode.

At 8.25 p.m. one H.E. in Salters Road and another in Foresters Drive concluded the list of Incidents and provided four casualties.

15/10/40Orford Rd., No. 1051 A.A.
Coppermill Lane., London Playing Fields.1 A.A.
Chingford Lane, Golf Course2 U.X. A.A.
Salters Rd., Nos. 9-131 H.E.
Foresters Drive, Nos. 21/31 H.E.

On October 16th two mines fell at 2.50 a.m. on Lloyd Park and the rear of houses in Brettenham Road. As usual these caused widespread blast damage but only 22 casualties were recorded. At 7.45 p.m. one H.E. bomb fell at The White House, Woodford Green, and five minutes later another fell in Balliol Avenue, accompanied by an oil bomb.

At 9.50 p.m., the third mine of the day fell at The Risings, the twin to this falling on the Hermitage, near Eagle Pond in Woodford. Two persons were killed and there were 30 others injured.

16/10/40Lloyd Pk., rear Brettenham Rd.1 M.
Brettenham Rd., No. 1801 M.
Balliol Ave., No, 56/8/601 H.E.
White House, grounds1 H.E.
The Risings, Nos. 67-771 M.
Balliol Ave., opp. No. 31Oil

On October 17th two shells were reported before noon, one exploding in Erskine Road, and just after 11 a.m. a suspected missile was reported but, on investigation, the hole was judged to have been made by a scaffold pole.

At 8.10 p.m. three H.E.s fell in Blackhorse Lane and on Low Hall Sports Ground. Six minor casualties were caused by one of the Blackhorse Lane bombs, but none by any of the others.

17/10/40Cornwallis Rd., No. 151 U.X. A.A.
Erskine Rd., No. 44Shrapnel
Blackhorse Lane (Micanite)1 H.E.
Forest Rd. (Ever Ready)1 H.E.
Blackhorse Lane (Notons)1 H.E.
Low hall Spts. Gd. (Gun Site)1 H.E.

October 18th was a blank day.

October 19th produced a variety of experiences although nothing occurred until 7.35 p.m. when two H.E.s fell in the south-west corner of the Borough in Markmanor Avenue and Tudor Court, a third falling in the gardens between Tudor Court and Verulam Avenue. At 8.35 p.m. and 9.45 p.m. we had showers of Incendiary bombs covering the east and centre of the Town. These were reported from 48 different places, and the numbers were so considerable that in one area the report simply stated " Large numbers " and in another " Twenty-eight fell in one Post area."

At 9.35 p.m. two H.E.s fell at the Hatherley Road end of Westbury Road and I.B.s were reported in the same area as " dozens and dozens." Two oil bombs also fell at the same time, one in Coleridge Road and one in Borwick Avenue. In all, twelve casualties were reported (none fatal), and of these five were from I.B.s.

During the day one Yellow U.X. bomb was reported - this was later exploded on the site - and two U.X. shells. (Yellow bombs were A.A. missiles.)

19/10/40Markmanor Ave., No. 661 H.E.
Gardens between 38 Tudor Ct. & 23 Verulam Ave.1 H.E.
Wood St. School Playground1 I.B.
Wigram Square1 I.B.
Wyatts Lane1 I.B.
Turner Rd.1 I.B.
Woodstock Rd., No. 111 I.B.
Linford Rd.1 I.B.
Cuthbert Rd.4 I.B.
Shernhall St., "Lord Brooke"1 I.B.
Church Lane, cnr. Shernhall St.6 I.B.
Tudor Court, No. 1.1 H.E.
Barrett Rd. School Playground2 I.B.
Wood St., L.N.E.R. Goods Yd.1 I.B.
Upper Walthamstow Rd.1 I.B.
Forest Rd. (Spring Fibre)1 I.B.
Westbury Rd., cnr. Hatherley Rd.2 H.E.,x I.B.
Brandon Road, No. 361 I.B.
Wyatts Lane1 I.B.
Havant Rd.. No. 371 I.B.
Corbett Road1 I.B.
Ulverston Rd.1 I.B.
Wood St. Girls' School1 I.B.
Wood St., near Forest Rd.1 I.B.
Forest Rd.. Water Works1 I.B.
Melville Rd.1 I.B.
Wood St. Public Library1 I.B.
Wood St., No. 1381 I.B.
Forest Road School Playground1 I.B.
Coleridge Rd., cnr. Erskine Rd. (Hall)Unignited Oil
Coleridge Rd. No. 561 I.B.
Howard Rd., No. 671 I.B.
Hoe St., "Granada"1 I.B.
Forest Rd.. No. 8621 I.B.
Borwick Ave (Bangham)Oil
Rosebank Grove. No. 241 I.B.
Greenway Ave., No. 851 I.B.
Woodford New Rd., Allots4 l.B.
Bromley Rd.U.X. Y.B.
Forest Rd., No. 621 and Chingford Rd., No. 5x I.B.
Palmerston Ed., No. 881 I.B.
Warner Rd., No. 531 I.B.
Melford Rd., No. 251 I.B.
Waverley Rd., No. 152 I.B.
Wood St., No. 1641 I.B.
Marlowe Rd. Wardens' Post Area28 I.B.
Hoe St. (Henry Taylor's)1 I.B.
Forest Rd. (Noakes)1 I.B.
Melville Rd., Nos. 59/613 l.B.
Pendlestone Rd.1 U.X. A.A.
Mission Grove School Playground1 I.B.
Gayward, Hawthorne, Jewel and Ruby Rds.x I.B.
Markmanor Ave. No. 881 H.E
Wood St., No. 1691 I.B.
The Links, No. 101 I.E.

On October 20th one shell exploded soon after midnight in High Street, damaging the St. John Ambulance Association H.Q., but nothing further happened until late evening. At 9.45 p.m. five H.E.s fell in Wood Street, Chingford Road and Salisbury Hall Playing Fields, together with three oil bombs in Chingford Road, one being at the Stadium.

At 11.08 p.m. one exploded shell was reported. At 11.30 p.m. eight H.E. bombs and one oil bomb were reported in the south-eastern corner of the Town stretching from Greenway Avenue, via Wood Street and Wigram Square, to the Forest land near Pentire Road. Ten minutes later, five bombs fell near Coppermill Lane Pumping Station, (two of them were reported the next day), and another in Coppermill Lane itself.

This gave a total of 19 H.E.s and 4 oil bombs, in addition to a couple of shells as the tally for the day. Twelve minor casualties seemed a rather poor result for so many missiles.

20/10/40High St.. No. 1101 .A.A.
Wood St., Nos. 18/20 and cnr. Corbett Rd.2 H E.
Chingford Rd., cnr, of Empress Ave.1 H.E.; 2 Oil
Walthamstow Ave., Salisbury Hall Playing Fields2 H.E.
Chingford Rd. StadiumOil
Palmerston Rd., betw. Canning and Forest Rds.1 U.X. A A.
Wood St. School1 I.B.
Wigram SquareOil
Greenway Ave., Nos. 49 & 782 H.E.
L.N.E.R. Embankment., rear of 95 Fyfield Rd1 H.E.
(a) Corbett Rd., near Railway1 H.E.
(b) Forest2 H.E.
Walthamstow Cricket Grd., Bucks Walk.1 H.E.
Coppermill Ln., near Benshnrg Rd.1 H.E.
Coppermill Lane, M.W.B.3 H.E.
L.N.E.R., nr. Woodlands Rd.1 H.E.
Coppermill Lane, M.W.B.2 H.E.

On the 21st October things were comparatively peaceful, and during the daytime we had reports of only one unexploded shell and one unignited oil bomb, both of which had apparently escaped detection from previous raids. In the evening, however, there were two Incendiary bomb raids: one just before 8 p.m. and the other at about 9.15, both being in the Woodford Side area, the former including two oil bombs dropped in the Forest.

Total casualties for the day: nil.

21/10/40Beech Hall Rd., No. 1091 U.X. A.A.
Borwick Ave. (Bangham)
Oak Hill, No. 231 I.B.
Oak Hill, "Pevensey"3 I.B.
Gascoigne Ave.. No. 15 I.B.
Forest land near Lodge Villas3 I.B.
Oak Hill Gdns, Gascoigne Gdns, and Forest land7 I.B.
Forest land adj. Woodford New Rd.2 Oil

On October 22nd a few I.B.s were reported in the Lloyd Park area and one U.X. shell at Thorpe Coombe.

22/10/40Shernhall St., Thorpe Coombe Hosp.1 I.B.
Bedford Rd.1 I.B.
Lloyd Park2 I.B.
Forest Rd., adj. F.A. Post 1 I.B.

On October 23rd, 24th and 25th we had no Incidents reported.

On October 26th at about 7.10 p.m., Incendiary bombs were reported at 21 different places in Highams Park (causing eight minor casualties), together with three oil bombs, one of which failed to ignite in Cavendish Road. The other two (one at the rear of Hollywood Way and the other in Selwyn Avenue Girls' School playground) did their stuff. The one in Selwyn Avenue School playground made a mess of an N.F.S. static water tank which seemed somewhat in the nature of justifiable retribution.

At the same time, one H.E. bomb was dropped in the grounds of " J " District Centre, Vincent Road, another in Cavendish Road and a third in Newbury Road. These caused four hospital casualties and twelve minor.

26/10/40Winchester Rd., Methodist Church2 I.B.
Wadham Lodge Sports Groundx I.B.
Newbury Rd., Nos. 12/141 H.E.
Wadham Rd., Waterlow Sports Gd? Exp.I.B.
The Hale, No. 231 I.B
Hollywood Way. No. 6Oil
Wadham Rd. (Mohawk Garage)1 I.B.
Beech Hall Rd., No, 1171 I.B.
Cavendish Rd., No. 631 H.E.
N.F.S. Station, Selwyn Ave. SchoolOil
Rushcroft Rd.1 I.B.
L.N.E.R., near Wadham Edge6 I.B.
Sky Peals Rd., No. 372 I.B.
Malvern Ave., No. 211 I.B.
Beech Hall Rd., No. 1481 I.B.
Sky Peals Rd.1 I. B.
Guildford Rd., No. 45/71 I.B.
R. Ching, rear of Hollywood Way, No. 441 H.E.
Winchester Rd., No. 1991 I.B.
Winchester Rd., No. 2271 I.B.
Lyndhurst Rd., No. 211 I.B.
Wickham Rd.1 I.B.
Swanage Rd., No. 51 I.B.
Evanston Ave., Sports Field1 I.B
Chingford Rd., Stadium1 I.B.
Wadham Ave., No. 121 I.B.
Vincent Rd., "J " District Centre (grounds)1 H.E.
Cavendish Rd., No. 105Unignited Oil

On 27th October nothing was reported.

On 28th October at 8.40 p.m., three H.E.s fell, one damaging trees in Forest Road outside the Technical College, one falling on St. Elizabeth's Convent School at the corner of Shernhall Street and The Drive (killing one of the nuns). The third fell in Marlowe Road and produced one of the most mysterious incidents which we experienced.

The bomb demolished some houses causing eight non-fatal casualties and the people in the Anderson Shelter at the end of the garden subsequently came out uninjured. After leaving the Shelter they crossed what appeared to be a shallow crater, and we then had our first experience of a camouflet.

A camouflet is the hole caused below ground by the explosion of a bomb which penetrates before exploding. The hollow may be likened to a gourd with a narrow neck, the narrow neck quite frequently being filled in by earth pouring in after the explosion. In this particular case two women and two children were engulfed by the fall of the loose earth at the top of the neck of the camouflet across which they trod.

Digging commenced immediately, but it was not until we had completely excavated back to virgin clay in all directions that digging finally ceased after ten weeks, during which the bodies of two women and one child had been recovered. The body of the other child was not seen again.

28/10/40Forest Rd., S.W E. Tech. Col. (gardens)1 H.E.
Marlowe Rd.1 H.E.
Shernhall St., St Eliz. Con. School1 H.E.

On 29th October we had two unexploded A.A. shells reported, both of which had probably fallen during the preceding night.

29/10/40Fulhourne Rd. (Council Depot) allots.1 U.X. A.A.
"Elms" Allotments1 U.X. A.A.

October 30th and 31st were blank days.

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