1940 November

On 1st November we had six H.E. bombs at 8 p.m., falling in or near Coopers Avenue and Higham Hill Road near its junction with Billet Road. One (in the Reservoir) was unexploded. There were four people killed and seven injured in Coopers Avenue.

1/11/40(a) Coopers Ave., Nos. 1/31 H.E.
(b) Coopers Ave., No 9 (garden)1 H.E.
(c) Coopers Ave., allotments1 H.E.
(d) Billet Rd., Bulls Farm1 H.E.
(e) Banbury Reservoir1 U.X. H.E.
Higham Hill Ed., No. 4331 H.E.

On 2nd November we had one unexploded shell in Beech Hall Road.

2/11/40Beech Hall Rd., cnr. Malvern Ave1 U.X. A.A.

The 3rd and 4th November provided no Incidents.

On 5th November at 3.15 a.m. nine H.E, bombs were dropped in east Walthamstow on a strip ranging from Hainault Court, near Whipps Cross, across Greenway Avenue to Walthamstow Cricket Ground. North Road, Wood Street, Turner Road, Havant Road to St. Mary's Convent, Shernhall Street. In addition to the nine H.E.s was one oil bomb in Wood Street.

Four of the H.E.s sent four people to hospital and caused five other casualties.

5/11/40Wood St., No. 177Oil
Turner Rd.. No. 631 H.E.
Havant Rd., Nos. 31/331 H.E.
Hainault Ct., Nos. 63/71 H.E.
Wood St., No 1571 H.E.
North Road, No. 461 H.E.
W'stow Cricket Gd., Bucks Walk2 H.E.
Greenway Ave., Nos. 60/21 H.E.
Shernhall St., St. Mary's Convent1 H.E.

On 6th November at 4 a.m., nine H.E. bombs were dropped in the Woodford Side and Highams Park area with only three casualties to their credit - or discredit.

6/11/40Forest Glade, No. 124; Falmouth Ave., St. Moritz; Clivedon Rd., No. 46, 40, 20-28 & 8 6 H.E.
Charter Rd., betw. Tamworth and Gordon Aves 1 H.E.
Forest land opp. St. Auhyn's School1 H.E.
Highams Pk. lake (near Boathouse)1 H.E.

On 7th November at 7.24 p.m. a shell exploded in Buxton Road (one minor casualty) and some ten minutes later an unexploded shell fell in Gosport Road. At 7.45 p.m. ten H.E.s (one unexploded) fell in Highams Park, the stick stretching from the allotments at the rear of Nelson Road to Hollywood Way, four of the bombs falling in the grounds of the Xylonite factory at 10.10 p.m. Two persons were killed and five injured.

A few I.B.s were also reported at Forest School.

7/11/40Buxton Rd.. No. 241 A.A.
Hale End Rd., Nos. 455/71 H.E.
Gosport Rd. cnr. Netley Rd.1 U.X. A.A.
Preston Ave., Nos. 19/211 H.E.
Forest School, Snaresbrook3 I.B.
Vincent Rd., Nos. 18/201 H.E.
Cavendish Rd., No. 12, Selwyn Ave. No. 19 (gardens between)1 H.E.
Hollywood Way, Nos. 53/551 H.E.
Nelson Rd., No. 119 (allots.)1 U.X. H.E.
Lactoid Works, allots.3 H.E.
In grounds of Halex Ltd.1 H.E.

On 8th November one H.E. fell at the western end of Forest Road in the first quarter of an hour, but no other Incidents were reported until a shell fell also at the west end of Forest Road at 7.45 p.m. At 8.27 p.m. the western part of Walthamstow received a further contribution, eight H.E. bombs falling in the area around Carlton Road and the western end of Billet Road, with the result that 22 people were injured by three bombs, the other five causing no casualties.

8/11/40Forest Rd., No. 2201 A.A.
Billet Rd. (Singers)1 H.E.
Warwick Rd. (bet. Mt. Pleasant Rd.and Rodney Place)1 H.E.
Carlton Rd., No. 981 H.E.
Millfield Ave., No. 141 H.E.
Mt. Pleasant Rd. (nr. Warwick Rd.)1 H.E.
Rodney Place, No. 301 H.E.
Millfield Ave.. No. 571 H.E.
Warwick Rd., No. 17
Lancaster, Clarence and Gloucester Rds.B.C.D.

9th November. This was a blank day so far as missiles were concerned, but a barrage balloon wire caused some damage.

10th November. Until the evening nothing was reported but at 6 p.m. an unexploded shell fell in the Xylonite grounds. At 8.10 p.m. three H.E.s fell, one on the Low Hall Farm Sports Ground Pavilion, one on the L.N.E.R. embankment nearby and one on the Lea Bridge Factory Estate. The only casualties were two from the R.A.F., both of whom were sent to hospital. At 9.10 p.m. incendiary bombs were reported from eleven places between Chingford Road and Tudor Court and there were two casualties.

10/11/40Halex Sports Ground1 U.X. A A.
Low Hall Farm
(a) Sports Pavillion.
1 H.E
(b) L.N.E.R. Embankment1 H.E
(c) Lea Bridge Factories.1 H.E
Knebworth Ave., No. 61 I.B.
Chingford Rd., No. 3331 I.B.
The Elms Playing Fields1 I.B.
Tudor Court, No. 941 I.B.
Bemstead Rd., No. 171 I.B.
Lloyd Pk. Cricket Field1 I.B.
Melford Rd., No. 241 I.B.
Hazelwood Rd., No. 371 I.B.
Mansel Grove., No. 61 I.B.
Russell Road, No. 151 I.B.
Winns Ave.. No. 691 I.B.

The 11th November was another day without incident.

The 12th November gave us only two H.E. bombs and nothing else. One of these fell in Malvern Avenue at the rear of the church and the other at the rear of a house in Studley Avenue, neither causing casualties.

12/11/40Malvern Ave., rear of Church1 H.E.
Studley Ave, No. 501 H.E.

13th and 14th November were uneventful.

15th November. Just before 2 a.m. Incendiary bombs fell in the Highams Park area at five places between Litchfield Road and Haldan Road, but nothing further occurred until the evening. At 9.28 p.m. there was one unexploded shell in Becontree Avenue. At 11.16 p.m. we had a considerable raid. Sixteen H.E.s fell on a line stretching from Chestnut Avenue and Shernhall Street, across the centre of the Town to Higham Hill allotments. Three of these were unexploded, one in Badlis Road, one in Hawthorne Road Church and one in the centre of Forest Road opposite Lloyd Park gates.

There were nine casualties including one killed. The latter was one of the most ironical cases known to us. Subsequent to the blasting of Brookfield Avenue by a mine, the occupier of one house went to live in another part of the Town, returning each evening to sleep in his Anderson Shelter in Brookfield Avenue. Out of the stick of 16 H.E.s 15 fell in a straight line, while one " kicked sideways " out of the line and fell on this Anderson Shelter killing the occupant.

Was it any wonder that we became fatalists?

15/11/40The Avenue, Trumans Spts Grd.X I.B
Nelson Rd., Playing Fields2 l.B
The Avenue, No. 461 I.B.
Lichfield Rd.. cnr. of Chingford Lane.1 I.B.
Haldan Road, No. 261 I.B.
Beacontree Ave., No. 531 U X. A.A.
Shernhall St., No. 133A1 H.E.
Priors Croft, bet. Oakfield Rd, and Windsor Ave.1 H.E.
Forest Rd., op. Lloyd Pk. gates1 U.X. H.E.
Winns Terrace, Nos. 55/6/7/81 H.E.
Gloucester Rd., Nos. 82/41 H.E.
Hawthorne Rd., Church1 U.X. H.E.
Howard Rd.. No. 1391 H.E.
Brookfield Ave., No. 61 (Anderson Shelter)1 H.E.
Claremont Rd. (Setright)1 H.E.
Howard Rd., Nos. 52/41 H.E.
Summit Road, No. 51 H.E.
Prospect Hill, No. 31 H.E.
Higham Hills allots.1 H.E.
Chestnut Ave , No. 1211 H.E.
Priors Croft, allots.1 H.E.
Badlis Rd., No. 361 U.X. H.E.

16th November. One U.X. shell fell in Garner Road at 4.30 a.m.

16/11/40Garner Rd., No. 711 U.X. A.A.

17th November. A blank day.

18th November. We had only one shell which fell at 10.44 p.m. and exploded in the Xylonite grounds.

18/11/40Halex Factory1 A.A.

19th November. No incident was reported.

20th November. Just before 5 a.m. ten H.E. bombs fell on a line across the Technical College to Sturge Avenue, St. John's Road and Fulbourne Road, killing seven people and injuring some 20 others, of whom one died later. There was also an H.E. in Western Road.

During the day a bomb was reported in a well at the M.W.B. property in Coppermill Lane but the time of its falling was not known. An oil bomb was also reported in Coppermill Lane in a field not far from the railway.

20/11/40Fulbourne Rd., on land between. Nos. 295 and 3111 H.E.
St. John's Rd., Nos. 167/91 H.E.
Sturge Ave., Nos. 118/1201 H.E.
Western Rd., junct. Shernhall St.1 H.E.
Garner Rd., No. 531 H.E.
Sturge Ave., No. 1401 H.E.
Forest Rd., No. 6501 H.E.
Forest Rd., S.W.E. Tech. Col. (grds.)2 H.E.
St. John's Rd., Nos 214/61 H.E.
M.W.B. property, Coppermill Lane1 H.E.
Coppermill Lane, on field1 Oil

21st-25th November. No incidents were reported.

26th November. At 7.30 p.m., I.B.s were reported in the south-west corner of the Borough, eight of them on the Lea Bridge Factory Estate and eight in the Low Hall Sports Ground and allotments.

26/11/40Stafia Rd. (Commercial Structures)8 I.B.
Low Hall Farm Spts. Grd. & allots8 I.B.

27th and 28th November. No incidents occurred.

29th November. During the evening one shell exploded in Greenway Avenue and fragments of another were reported in Daventry Avenue.

29/11/40Greenway Ave., No. 1361 A.A.
Daventry Ave., No 7Shrapnel

30th November. At 1 a.m. two H.E.s fell, one in Grantock Road and one in the Forest near the Woodford New Road. The former killed two and injured two other persons.

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