1940 December

During the first week in December the only Incident reported was a shell which failed to explode in Evanston Avenue on 6th December.

8th December. After an uneventful day, business opened at 8.55 p.m. with Incendiary bombs (many of them of the explosive type), reported from twenty-nine different places, ranging from Raglan Road in the south-east to Billet Road in the north, and also at the A.A. gunsite in Walthamstow Avenue, causing, in all, nine casualties. At the same time, without casualties, an H.E. was dropped on the gunsite and another in the garden of a house in Billet Road. At 10.21 p.m. a mine, fortunately unexploded, landed on the allotments in Hale End Road opposite the end of Macdonald Road. At first it was thought that this mine had exploded but the crater was most curious, being shaped like an egg-cup, and eventually the mine was declared to be unexploded and was removed on the 7th January after considerable erection of sandbags had taken place, with a view to minimising any damage if the mine exploded while being removed.

At 11.5 p.m. eleven H.E.s fell in the south-east part of the Borough on a line from Whipps Cross, corner of Wood Streeet, to North Road, and caused only eight casualties, none being fatal. At 11.45 p.m. the day ended with one H.E. in Elmfield Road (probably part of a Leyton stick of bombs), which killed two people and injured 18 others.

8/12/40Raglan Rd., No. 491 I.B.
Vallentin Rd. (Young & Marten)8 I.B.
Billet Rd., near "Billet"
Chestnut Ave., No. 471 I.B.
Brookscroft Rd.1 I.B.
Wood St., L.N.E.R. Goods Yd.3 I.B.
Sturge Ave., No. 1201 I.B.
Roberts Rd. and "G" Dist. Centre groundsx I.B.
Greenway Aye, No. 5010 I.B.
Walthamstow Ave (Gun Site)1 H.E.
Wood St., No. 234a1 I.B.
Junction of Chingford and North Circular Rds1 I.B.
Chingford Rd.2 I.B.
St John's Rd., Nos. 52/41 I.B.
Sturge Ave., No. 1431 I.B.
Beresford Rd.. No. 531 I.B.
Chingford and Brookscroft Rds2 I.B.
Barrett Rd. School playground5 I.B.
Barrett Rd., No. 91 I.B.
Brookscroft Rd., No. 1601 Exp.I.B.
St. John's Rd., Nos. 211/32 Exp.I.B.
Spruce Hills Rd.. No. 852 Exp.I.B.
Vallentin, Marlowe & Turner Rds.x I.B.
Chestnuts F'm land4 Exp.I.B, 2 U.X. I.B.
Billet Rd., No. 681 H.E.
W'stow Stadium Car Park5 Exp.l.B.
Chingford and Wadham Rds2 Exp.l.B.
Brooke Rd., No 271 I.B.
Greenway Ave., No. 421 I.B.
Hale End Rd., allots opp. No. 1011 U.X. M.
Brooke Rd., No 561 I.B.
Chestnut Ave., No. 361 I.B.
North Rd., cnr. of Vallentin Rd.1 H.E.
Woodside Park Ave.. No. 11 H.E.
Wood St., Whipps X Corner1 H.E.
Wood St., cnr. of Vallentin Rd.1 H.E.
Chestnut Ave., No. 51 H.E.
Chestnut Ave., No. 61 H.E.
Wood St., Whipps X (opp. Boxers)1 H.E.
Elmfield Rd., No. 47-611 H.E.
(a) Berthons Gdns.. Nos 3/41 H.E.
(b) opp. Woodside Pk. Gdns.1 H.E.
Greville Road1 I.B.
270 Wood Street1 H.E.
Roland Rd., No. 121 H.E.

On the 9th December one H.E. fell at 2.10 a.m. in the Forest between Keynsham Avenue and The Avenue, Highams Park.

9/12/40Forest land bet Keynsham Ave & The Avenue1 H.E.

On the 11th December we had only one shell which exploded in the afternoon in Orford Road.

11/12/40Orford Rd., No. 831 A.A.

The 14th December provided us with one unex-ploded shell in Lynmouth Road about breakfast-time.

14/12/40Lynmouth Rd., No. 301 U.X. A.A.

On the 16th December one nose-cap fell in the eastern half of Forest Road just before 10 a.m., but at 11.45a.m. we had a long stick of H.E. bombs, seventeen falling right across Highams Park from Studley Avenue, across Handsworth Avenue School, continuing north-eastward and ending at Chingford Lane near the Wardens' Post in Keynsham Avenue.

Despite the number of bombs the casualty roll was slight only four bombs causing casualties which totalled ten, including one killed and one who died in hospital. The school, where the scholars were in session, was particularly fortunate, one falling on the land at the front of the school and another actually within the quadrangle without causing any casualties.

16/12/40Forest Rd. No, 866Shrapnel
Hale End Rd., Nos. 461-51.H.E.
Handsworth Ave. School2.H.E.
Falmouth Ave., Nos. 29/311.H.E.
Falmouth Ave., No. 191.H.E.
Nightingale Ave., Nos. 36/81.H.E.
Preston Ave., Nos. 18, 20, 221.H.E.
Beech Hall Rd., No 531.H.E.
Chingford Lane, Golf Course1.H.E.
Forest, near Keynsham Ave.1.H.E.
Studley Ave., No. 501.H.E.
Forest Glade. Nos. 34, 35, 361.H.E.
Beverley Rd., Nos. 15. 17, 191.H.E.
in. Nightingale Ave., Nos. 35/71.H.E.
Handsworth Ave., Nos. 83/51.H.E.
Forest land near Keynsham Ave1.H.E.
Handworth Ave., Nos. 87, 89. 911.H.E.

On 21st December we suffered only from the Defences, one unexploded shell falling in Elphinstone Avenue in the early afternoon and two shells explodČing in Greville Road and Wood Street just before 8 p.m.

21/12/40Elphinstone Rd., No. 141 U.X. A.A
Greville Rd., No. 341 A.A.
Wood St (Knights)1 A.A.

On 23rd December at 3.38 a.m. we received four H.E. bombs in Highams Park, one of them being unexploded on Forest land. Again we were lucky in no casualties being reported. At 9 a.m. one unexploded shell fell in Wolsey Avenue.

23/12/40Coolgardie Ave., No. 331 H.E.
Wolsey Ave. No. 351 U.X.A.A.
L.N.E.R., rear of 15 Richmond Ave.1 H.E.
Halex Co. (garage)1 H.E.
Forest land facing Forest Glade, No. 241 U.X. H.E

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day had no Incidents.

On 27th December two pairs of H.E. bombs fell at 8.20 p.m., one pair in High Street and Vernon Road, and the other pair both in Higham Hill Road. One person was killed by the first pair and three by the latter, while there were 43 others injured.

These were large bombs and there was considerable damage to surrounding property and a number of persons were rendered homeless. Twenty-five minutes later an odd I.B. fell in Coolgardie Avenue - possibly from a Chingford stick - and at 10.50 p.m. some shrapnel fell in the St. James' Street area, severing trolleybus wires.

27/12/40Higham Hill Rd., No. 353/51 H.E.
(a) High St., Nos. 130/2/41 H.E.
(b) Vernon Road 2 JIB.1 H.E.
Higham Hill Rd. (bet. Queen Eliz. & Renness Rds.)1 H.E.
Coolgardie Ave., No. 941 I.B.
Luton Rd., No. 19 Casualty in Anderson shelter from bomb fragment of Higham Rd. incident.
South Grove (ToIlemache)Shrapnel

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