1941 January - May

The New Year opened quietly and it was not until the 5th January that our first incidents were recorded for 1941. On that date, at 9.30 p.m., seven H.E.s fell in the Highams Park area, and an hour later we had two mines, one in Chingford Lane, near the " Wilfred Lawson," and one on the Bridle Path, Oak Hill. The casualty roll for the mines was fairly heavy for those days with a total of 34, of whom two died later, both the fatalities being from the Bridle Path InciŽdent, but there were no casualties reported for the H.E.s.

One of the H.E.s fell near our " J " District Centre, partly blocking the River Ching.

5/ 1/41Chingford Ln., nr. Wilfred Lawson Hotel1 M.
The Bridle Path, Oak Hill1 M.
Field at side of 31 Beverley Rd.1 H.E.
White House grounds. nr. Lodge1 H.E.
R. Ching, nr. Manor House1 H.E.
Halex Co. (tennis court)1 H.E.
Forest land, Oak Hill. opp. Highams Pk. Cricket Ground1 H.E.
Brookfleld Hosp. Footpath1 H.E.
Forest, nr. St. Aubyn's School1 H.E.

On 7th January at 3.35 p.m., four H.E.s fell in Highams Park, in the Oak Hill District. One person was killed and no others injured.

7/ 1/41Oak Hill Parade1 H.E.
Oak Hill Cresc.. No. 201 H.E.
Oak Hill, The Hollies, Nos. 8-101 H.E.
Beech Hall Crescent., No. 131 H.E.

The 11th January was a busy day, or perhaps one should say a busy night. An exploded shell at 7.10 p.m. in Chingford Road produced one minor casualty and was followed half an hour later by another " friendly " missile when a small Yellow Bomb exploded in Blackhorse Road and by two more, another hour later, in Martin and Aveling Park Roads. Another exploded shell fell at 9.15 p.m. in Pasquier Road, and a quarter of an hour later two Yellow Bombs in Galeborough Avenue and Beech Hall Road. At the same time an unexploded shell fell in Elphinstone Road and between a quarter past nine and ten, seven more Yellow Bombs were reported in Hollywood Way, Keynsham Avenue, Brettenham Road, Charter Avenue, Winchester Road, Russell Road and Tamworth Avenue. Considering that these were all " friendly " missiles we were glad that the enemy had nothing for us. Fortunately no casualties were reported.

11/ 1/41Chingford Rd., No. 781 A.A.
Winns Avenue, No. 341 U.X. A A.
Pasquier Rd.. No. 331 A.A.
Blackhorse Rd., No. 40 1 Y.B.
Marten Rd., Nos. 10/11, Aveling Pk. Rd., No. 68 2 YB.2 Y.B.
Kenilworth Ave., No. 31 Brookscroft Rd., Charter Ave. Nos 32/34 3 Y.B.3 Y.B.
Russell RoadY.B.
Winchester Rd., Nos. 42/4Y.B.
Hollywood Way, No. 1Y.B.
Galeborough Ave., Nos. 24/26Y.B.
Hale End Road, No. 257Y.B.
Tavistock Ave., Nos. 49.55, Pembar Ave., No. 45Y.B.
Beech Hall Rd., No. 132Y.B.
Elphinstone Rd., No. 1091 U.X. M.

On 12th January, we had a light day but at 8.35 p.m. one large H.E. bomb made a hole through the bridge across the River Lea at Ferry Lane. One person died of injuries and there were some half-dozen minor casualties.

Forest Rd., Ferry Ln. Bridge1 H.E.

The 15th January provided one H.E. in Ravenswood Road and another in Summit Road fifteen minutes before midnight. The latter was originally judged to be a small exploded H.E. but subsequently was diagnosed as an unexploded heavy bomb. At Ravenswood Road there were five fatal casualties in a total of seventeen.

15/ 1/41Ravenswood Rd., Nos. 9-131 H.E.
Summit Road, No. 341 U.X. H.E.

On the 22nd January, a camouflet was discovered in the allotments near the Town Hall, but the date of the fall of the bomb was not known. At five minutes before midnight one unexploded shell in Shrubland Road was recorded.

22/1/41Forest Rd., Town Hall (allotments.)1 H.E.
Shrubland Road, No. 451 U.X. A.A

On 29th January nothing was recorded until just before 10 p.m. when one unexploded H.E. in Fulbourne Road and one H.E. in St. John's Road fell together, the latter causing five casualties and creating a large crater, while the former wrecked the rear of a bakery. These were two of the large bombs weighŽing over a ton each.

Two other large H.E.s fell on the southern edge of the Borough, one in Stafford Road and the other in Beaconsfield Road. The former killed seven persons, including a number of Scouts assembled for a meeting, and the latter killed ten. These two Incidents provided the largest death roll, so far, for any one stick of bombs, and there were, in addition 22 other casualties.

At 8.17 on the same evening an odd I.B. was reported in Carlton Road and at 8.56 one shell exploded in Carr Road. An unexploded shell in Winns Terrace at 9 p.m. completed the list.

29/ 1/41Fulbourne Rd., No. 2151 U.X. H.E.
St. ,John's Rd., junc. with Thorpe Rd.1 H.B.
Cambridge Rd., No. 15Susp. I.B.
Cnr. of Stafford & Boundary Rds.1 H.E.
Beaconsfield Ed.. No.521 H.E.
Carr Ed., No. 0-11.1 A.A.
Winns Terrace, No. 62I U.X. A.A.

The 31st January provided a busy conclusion for the month when nine H.E.s fell at 1 p.m. in the Highams Park area on a line stretching from the Xylonite Works to the Forest opposite Forest Drive. There were only three casualties.

Eighty minutes later six H.E.s were dropped along Forest Road from the front of the Town Hall to Blackhorse Lane, plus one unexploded in Badlis Road. Thirteen casualties (none fatal) resulted from these.

From then onwards, raiding was not so frequent and in February only three days recorded Incidents.

31/ 1/41Cavendish Rd. 10/121 H.E.
Forest (opp. Forest Drive, No. 15)1 H.E.
Galeborough Ave., No, 191 H.E.
Studley Ave. No. 42 (in R. Ching)1 H.E.
Winchester Road, No. 611 H.E.
Halex Factory3 H.E.
Halex Factory1 H.E.
Forest Rd.. Town Hall (front grds.)1 H.E.
Bedford Rd., cnr. Forest1 H.E.
Fairfield Rd., Nos. 39/411 H.E.
Blackhorse Lane (Bawns)1 H.E.
Badlis Rd., No. 421 U.X. H.E.
Shakespeare Rd., No. 171 H.E.
Priory land1 H.E.

The 12th February recorded one U.X. shell in Raglan Road.

12/ 2/41Raglan Rd.. No 211 U.X. A.A.

The 17th February, however, in addition to one U.X. shell in allotments in Lowther Road, provided one exploded shell in Linford Road, and at 8.10 p.m. there was a shower of Incendiary bombs reported from 12 different places stretching from Markmanor Avenue to Chelmsford Road and causing four minor casualties. Half an hour later one H.E. bomb in St. James' Park was reported, probably on a Leyton " stick."

17/2/41Linford Rd., No. 11 I.B.
Lowther Rd. (allots.)1 U.X. A.A.
Markhouse Ave.. No. 241 I.B.
Ringwood Rd., No 113 I.B.
Callis ltd., No. 191 I.B.
Queens Rd., No. 1921 I.B.
Camden Rd.4 I.B.
Lowhall Lane, Welfare Centre1 I.B.
Arkley Rd.. No. 661 I.B.
Brighton Ave., No. 301 I.B.
Queens Rd., Cemetery3 I.B.
Springfield Rd1 I.B.
Lennox Rd. (stable)1 I.B.
Chelmsford Rd.1 I.B.
St. James Park1 H.E.

On 26th February we recorded one U.X. shell at Wyatts Lane.

26/2/41Wyatts Lane (Kerridges)1 U.X. A.A.

March was also a comparatively light month. On the 8th March a shell exploded in Billet Road, and on 9th March one H.E. fell on the Golf Links near Chingford Lane, probably part of a Woodford " stick."

8/ 3/41Barrett Rd., No. 851 A.A.
9/ 3/41Chingford Lane Golf Links1 H.E.

On the 10th March an unexploded shell in Beverley Road and on the 13th March an exploded Yellow Bomb in the Forest opposite Grove Road, showed that our Defences were still active.

10/ 3/41Beverley Rd., No. 61 U X. A.A.
13/ 3/41Forest, Woodford New Rd.1 U.X. Y.B.

On the 14th March a nose-cap was reported in Chingford Road, but the remaining Incidents in March were due to enemy missiles.

14/ 3/41Chingford Rd., No. 335Shrapnel

On 15th March four H.E. bombs dropped in or near the Reservoir at the end of Coppermill Lane.

15/ 3/41Nr. Reservoir, Coppermill Lane4 H.E.

The 19th March was a busy day. At 4.45 a.m. four H.E.s dropped in Belgrave Road (3 casualties), Chelmsford Road, Theydon Street and Wellesley Road (two killed and one other person injured), but in the evening we had four groups of I.B.s between 9.20 and 9.50, which were reported at 20 different places with two minor casualties. At 10 p.m. a further batch of over 100 I.B.s was reported in the area near Whipps Cross.

At 9.33 p.m. one H.E. in the Forest land opposite Forest Drive - probably part of a Woodford " stick " - and seven minutes later two H.E.s in Winns Avenue and Elphinstone Road were reported with four minor casualties and no deaths.

At 10.15 p.m. four unexploded bombs were reported, at Cogan Avenue, Valognes Avenue and Billet Road, together with two exploded H.E.s in playing fields in Billet Road.

At 10.16 p.m., however, two mines fell, one in Chestnut Avenue and the other in the back gardens between Evelyn and Rosslyn Roads. These were more destructive and caused a considerable number of casualties, five persons being killed by the latter and one by the former. The total of casualties for the two mines was 80.

In April we had Incidents on only six days, but the enemy made a few useful hits from his point of view.

19/ 3/41Belgrave Rd., No. 1281 H.E.
Chelmsford Rd., Nos 117-1231 H.E.
Theydon St., cnr. of Markhouse Rd.1 H.E.
Wellesley Rd., No. 501 H.E.
Gamuel Rd., No. 121 I.B.
Gloucester Rd, No. 381 I.B.
Brookscroft, Beresford & Garner Rds.x I.B.
Fleeming Rd., Nos. 17 & 1542 I.B.
Forest, opp. 17 Forest Drive1 H.E.
(a) Winns Ave. (betw Mersey and Badlis Rds.1 H.E.
(b) Elphinstone Rd. (north end)1 H.E.
Lloyd Park, Cricket Field1 I.B.
Carr Road, No. 951 I.B.
Billet Rd. (Singers)Exp.I.B
Diana Rd.1 I.B.
Hainault Court to Whipps X100 I.B.
The Risings, No. 161 I.B.
Clarence Rd., No. 191 I.B.
Chestnut Ave., No. 521 M.
Bet. Evelyn and Rosslyn Rds.1 M.
Berthons Gdns., No. 11 I.B.
Brookscroft Rd., Nos. 106, 124. 139, 162x I.B.
Kitchener Ed. & St. John's Rd., No. 260x I.B.
Blackhorse Lane (Micanite)2 I.B.
Fairview Close, No 211 I.B.
Millifeld Ave., Nos. 2/4x I.B.
Millfleld Ave., No. 231 I.B.
Higham Hill Rd., Wm. E Whittingham Schoolx I.B.
Cogan Ave., No 261 U.X. H.E.
Billet Rd. (B.D.H. Playing Fields)1 H.E.
Beaconsfield & Sylvester Rds.x I.B.
Valognes Ave., No. 371 U.X. H.E
Billet Rd. (Kings Nurseries)1 U.X. H.E
Britannia Playing Fields1 H.E.
Cogan Ave., No. 23 (allots.)1 U.X. H.E

On the 9th April we had only one U.X. shell (in Turner Road) and on the 14th April another U.X. shell, which fell in the Forest opposite Gascoigne Gardens.

9/ 4/41Turner Rd., No. 581 U.X. A.A.
14/ 4/41Forest (opp. 16 Gascoigne Gdns.)1 U.X. A.A.

On 16th April, however, a shower of I.B.s at 9.45 p.m. was reported from seven places across Staffa Road Factory Estate and at the same time four H.E.s (without casualties) fell on the Estate or the Black Path nearby. One U.X. shell also fell at the same time in the Low Hall Farm Stables.

16/ 4/41Lea Bridge Factory Estate, Cardboard Box Factory1 I.B.
Staffa Rd. (Hobbs Hart)1 H.E.
Staffa Rd. (Schneiders)1 H.E ; 3 I.B.
Staffa Rd. (S. Kaye)3 I.B.
Low Hall Farm, Back Path2 H.E.
Low Hall Farm, Stables and Sick Bay1 U.X. A.A.

On the 19th April we had four H.E.s and four mines. At 10.18 p.m. four H.E.s fell in the centre of the Town on a line from Second Avenue to West Avenue Railway Bridge, killing six and injuring 23, of whom one died in hospital later.

At 10.45 p.m. an exploded mine and an unexploded mine fell close together in Beacontree Avenue. The one which exploded fell on the verge of the Arterial Road (killing three and injuring 22 people), and the unexploded in the gardens at the corner of Belle Vue Road. (Among the killed were two fire-fighters killed by the exploded mine, they having fallen flat at the sound of the fall of the mine but rising, before the mine had burst, after a delay of some 45 seconds.)

On the same evening at 10.50 p.m. a mine fell at the corner of Wood Street and Whipps Cross which killed one person and injured another three, while an unexploded mine was reported in Greenway Avenue.

19/ 4/41(a) St. Mary's Rd., Nos. 5-71.H.E.
(b) West Ave. Ely. Bridge1.H.E.
Second Ave., cnr. of Hoe St.1.H.E.
Beacontree Ave. (on verge of North Circular Rd.,
opposite Belle Vue Rd.)1 M
Wood St., junc. with Lea Bridge Rd.1 M
Greenway Ave., Nos 46/81 U.X. M
Beacontree Ave., cnr. Belle Vue Rd.1 U.X. M.
First Ave.. Nos. 37, 39, 411.H.E.

On the 20th April one mine was reported in Cornwallis Road at 3.50 a.m. There were four fatal casualties and 24 others. The twin was never discovered although it was rumoured that it had fallen in the reservoir.

20/ 4/41Cornwallis Rd.1 M.

The only remaining Incidents recorded in 1941 were two showers of I.B.s on the 11th May. One batch fell just before 1 a.m. on the Lea Bridge Factory Estate and the other (seven casualties) just after 1 a.m., was reported at nine places in the Highams Park District, (in the Selwyn Avenue and Nelson Road area), and involved our " H" District Centre in Selwyn Avenue.

11/ 5/41
Lea Bridge Factory Estate, Spurgeons and other Factoriesx I.B.
Selwyn Avenue School, "H" Dist Centre1 I.B.
Selwyn Ave.. No 1141 I.B.
Marlborough Rd., Nos. 102 and "Louisan"2 I.B.
Tudor Rd. (Lactoid)x I.B.
Nelson Rd., No. 24, Ilicham Stn. Ave. No. 65 & 792 I.B.
Selwyn Ave., No. 176 and "H" F.A. Post x I.B.x I.B.
Nelson Rd., No. 952 I.B.
Tudor Road, No. 14a2 I.B.

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