On 17th January we had three shells explode in the Borough, one near the Monoux School and one near the Technical College at 8.30 p.m., and one just before 11 p.m. in Garner Road. In addition, at 8.30 p.m., four H.E. bombs were reported on the Marshes near the Railway Line, one of the bombs failing to explode.

17/ 1/43L.N.E.R., Lea Bridge Curve1 U.X. A.A.
M.W.B near Lea Bridge Curve L.N.E.R 1 H.E
Chingford Rd. (" Chestnuts" land) 1 A.A.
Forest Rd., S.W.E. Tech. Col. (rear) U.P.
Lea Marshes, nr. L.N.E.R. Cambridge Line 1 H.E.
Lea Marshes, nr. Stratford Line 1 H.E.

18th January. One shell exploded in Cecil Road.

19th January. One exploded shell was reported in Folly Lane allotments.

19/ 1/43Folly Lane, allotments1 A.A.

On 16th February a fire was reported in Victoria Road which may not have been due to enemy action.

On the 3rd March the barrage provided us with four Rocket shells, one A.A. shell and some shrapnel between 8.30 and 10.30 p.m.

3/ 3/43 Pentire Rd., No. 12 U.P.
Wood St., No. 941 A.A.
Hale End Rd., Thorpe Hall SchoolU.P.
Pentire Rd. (waste land)U.P.
Belle Vue Rd., No. 14U.P.
Forest Rise, No. 112Shrapnel

On 4th March we had two Rocket shells in the early morning and one A.A. shell (unexploded) in the afternoon. Of the two Rocket shells, one exploded in a bedroom in Penrhyn Avenue causing one death and four other casualties.

4/ 3/43Penrhyn Ave., No. 66U.P.
Chingford Rd., Chestnut FarmU.P.
Larks Hall Rd., allotments1 U.X. A A.

On 3rd April one U.X. A.A. shell fell at the Woodford High School, and on 28th April a barrage balloon was struck by lightning in St. James' Park.

3/ 4/43Woodford Girls High School playing fields1 U.X. A.A
28/ 4/43St James Park Barrage Balloon struck by lightning

On 3rd May one unexploded shell fell in Collard Road at 5.25 p.m.

3/ 5/43Collard Rd., No 881 U.X. A.A.

On 18th May a part of an A.A. shell was reported in Queen's Road.

18/ 5/43Queens Rd., No. 133Shrapnel

On 20th May one shell exploded in Beacontree Avenue.

20/ 5/43Beacontree Ave., No. 581 A.A.

On 22nd May another shell was reported to have exploded on Low Hall Farm allotments.

22/5/43Low Hall Farm, allotments1 A.A.

On 20th June a shell exploded in Lloyd Road.

20/ 6/43Larks Hall Rd., No. 601 A.A.

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