Nothing further occurred during the summer or autumn until 13th October when an unexploded cannon shell (from aircraft) was reported in Devonshire Road.

13/10/43Devonshire Rd., No. 86U.X. Cannon Shell

On 18th October further enemy action took place and two large H.E.S fell at 2.35 a.m., one in Oak Hill Crescent and one in Holly Crescent. In the latter case a woman was killed in a Morrison Shelter, the bomb falling in the garden at the back and a bomb splinter going through the windows (which reached to the ground), there being no blast wall protecting the Morrison.

For the two bombs there were four fatal casualties and eleven others.

18/10/43Oak Hill Cresc., Nos. 46-50 (corner of Bennington Rd)1 H.E.
Holly Crescent, No. 321 H.E.

On 19th October one shell exploded in Mount Pleasant Road.

19/10/43Mt. Pleasant Rd., No. 691 A.A.

On 22nd October one shell in Blackhorse Lane and one unexploded shell in Devonshire Road were recorded.

22/10/43Blackhorse Lane (Micanite)1 A.A.
Devonshire Rd., No. 101 U.X. A.A.

On 20th November an auxiliary petrol tank fell from a plane into Hoe Street.

20/11/43Hoe St., cnr of Browns Rd. Aux. petrol tank from plane

On 1st December one U.X. shell arrived in Priors Croft.

1/12/43Priors Croft, nr. Oakfield Rd.1 U.X. A.A.

On 10th December two large H.E.s fell in Low Hall Farm, one damaging the Municipal Ambulance Shed and the other a hut used for storage of salvage. There were three casualties.

10/12/43Low Hall Farm, Ambulance Shed1 H.E.
Low Hall Farm, nr. Salvage Hut1 H.E.

On 21st December we had our last incidents for the year. These comprised a barrage balloon on the roof of houses in Blenheim Road, an exploded shell in Henrys Avenue, and part of a shell in Blackhorse Lane.

21/12/43Henrys Avenue. No. 3 1 A.A.
Blackhorse. Lane (Micanite)Shrapnel
Blenheim Rd., No. 60 Barrage Balloon on roof


During January, at four different dates, reports were received of two fallen barrage balloons, four exploded shells, one unexploded shell and portions of two other shells.

13/ 1/44Bromley Rd Nos 22-24Barrage Balloon at rear
21/ 1/44Wood St. Branch Library1 A.A.
22/ 1/44Blenheim Rd., No. 40Shrapnel
Beulah Rd., No. 78Shrapnel
29/ 1/44Rosebank Grove, No. 121 A.A
Hoe St. Stn., Railway Track1 A.A
Blackhorse Lane (Ever Ready)1 A.A
Halex, allotments1 U.X. A.A.
30/ 1/44Oliver RdB.C.D.

During February the cable of a drifting balloon damaged houses in Shernhall Street on the 3rd, and from the 11th to the 19th February there were five reports of portions of shells in addition to two exploded shells and one unexploded shell.

3/ 2/44 Shernhall St (opp. Evelyn Rd.)B.C.D.
11/ 2/44Grove Rd., No, 104Shrapnel
13/ 2/44Brunswick St., No. 5Shrapnel
19/ 2/44Lennox Rd., No. 641 A.A.
Alexandra Rd., Nos. 55/71 U.X. A A.
Low Hall Sports Ground1 A.A.
Markhouse Rd., No, 155Shrapnel
West St., No. 27Shrapnel
Pembroke Rd., No. 55Shrapnel

20th February, however, was another real raid evening. At 10.6 p.m., three H.E.s fell in the Forest near Oak Hill Gardens and Gascoigne Gardens.

Four minutes later, four H.E.s fell in Longfellow and Edinburgh Roads and Queen's Road allotments and Cemetery and, in addition, two large containers of I.B.s were dropped causing fires in four places from Westbury Road to Hatherley Road. The West-bury Road container held between 400 and 500 I.B.s, of which some 80 were removed unexploded from the crater. On the container was chalked (in German), "Vengeance for Berlin", so we felt that the R.A.F. had evidently been putting in some useful work.

In addition, phosphorous I.B.s were reported at Gosport, Alexandra and Ringwood Roads. At 10.12 p.m. another H.E. with I.B.s was reported at the Warwick Reservoir.

The amazing thing about this night was the casualty roll, for we found it difficult to believe that there were only two minor casualties for 8 H.E.s, 3 Ph.IB.s and 3 batches of I.B.s.

20/ 2/44Longfellow Rd.1 H.E.
Westbury Rd (Bancks) and Somers Rd. (Wells)x I.B.
Edinburgh Rd., No. 351 H.E.
Hatherley Rd., No. 31x I.B.
Oak Hill Gdns., Tank Traps1 H.E.
Queens Rd., allotments.1 H.E.
Gosport Rd., No. 98Ph.I.B.
Alexandra Rd. No. 37U.X. Ph.I.B. (split)
M.W.B., Warwick Reservoir1 H.E., x I.B.
Forest land, Gascoigne Gdns.1 H.E.
Westbury Rd., No. 21approx 360 S.N.I.B.
Ringwood Rd., No. 64U.X. Ph.I.B. (split)
Queens Rd., Cemetery1 H.E.
Forest land (rear Oak Hill Gns.)1 H.E.
Westbury Rd. (nr. Hatherley Rd.)U.X. l.B.

On the 22nd, 23rd and 24th February twenty reports of shells (exploded and unexploded) and of fragments of shells were received at Headquarters. Only one casualty was reported.

One house in Roma Road had large pieces of exploded shell on two occasions in three days!

22/ 2/44Chingford Lane Golf Links1 A.A.
Forest Rd. (Express Rubber)U.P. Casing
Roma Rd., No. 11U.P. Casing
Beulah Rd., No. 104Shrapnel
23/ 2/44Durban Rd., No. 191 A.A.
Cottenham Rd., No. 1U.P. Casing
Greenway Ave., No, 1501 A.A.
Carr Rd., No. 9U.P. Casing
Halex Grounds1 U.X. A.A.
L.N.E.R. Embankt... nr. R. lea1 U.X. A.A.
Orford Rd., No. 88Shrapnel
West St. No. 32Shrapnel
Upper Walthamstow Rd., No. 80Shrapnel
Valognes Ave., No. 521 U.X. A.A.
24/ 2/44Ruby Rd., No. 50U.P. Casing
Clifton Ave., No. 14Shrapnel
Granville Rd., No. 8Shrapnel
Orford Rd., Trinity Church U.P. Casing
25/ 2/44Roma Rd.. No. 11U.P. Casing
M.W.B., Banbury Reservoir1 A.A.

During March, on seven different days, twenty reports of shells (exploded and unexploded) and of shrapnel were received.

4/ 3/44Lea Marshes (nr. Boundary trees)U.P. Casing
15/ 3/44Maynard Rd., Nos. 119-121U.P.
Sky Peals Rd. (allots.)1 U X. A.A.
17/ 3/44Clare'nce Road, No. 46Shrapnel
22/ 3/44Roberts Rd., Telephone Exch.U.P.
Hillcrest Rd., Belle Vue Court1 A.A.
Sturge Ave., Nos. 35 & 38U.P.
Somers Rd., No. 30U.X. U.P.
Union Rd.. No. 23U.X. U.P.
High St., No. 53U.P.
Granville Rd., No 141 U X. A.A.
Boundary Rd. No. 268U.P.
Longfellow Rd., No. 79U.P.
Folkestone Rd., No. 4U.X. A.A.
Wadham Rd., L.C.C. Sports PavilionU.P.
Wadham Ave., No. 251 U X. A.A.
Beacontree Ave., Essex House1 A.A.
24/ 3/44Penrhyn Ave., No. 26U.X. U.P.
25/ 3/44Roma Rd, No. 5Shrapnel
31/ 3/44Billet Rd., Mann & Crossmans Sports GroundU.X. U.P.

On 19th April the last of the ordinary raids took place, commencing at 1.10 a.m. and lasting until 1.30 a.m. The Town was brilliantly lit with red marker-flares and we anticipated an overwhelming " cascade " raid.

Things were bad enough but not so bad as we feared for we had phosphorous I.B.s in Maynard Road (four), Barclay Road, Shernhall Street (Emberson's Nurseries) and Cuthbert Road. In addition, there were two large H.E.s and one U.X. H.E. at Highams Park, the two exploded bombs falling in Malvern Avenue and the unexploded bomb in the gardens between Beech Hall Road and the L.N.E.R. Four other H.E.s were reported in Clarendon. Copeland, Fraser and Merton Roads, and a shower of S.N.I.B.s was received in the area around Balliol and Waterhall Avenues, Betoyne Gardens and Chingford Lane.

A H.E. also fell in Chingford Lane and another at London Metal Products Grounds in Walthamstow Avenue. We also had two flare fuses, one exploding on arrival and setting fire to a house at the corner of Hale End Road and Forest Road, and the other falling in a garden in Wigram Square.

Fourteen people were killed that night and 42 others suffered injury.

19/ 4/44Hale End Rd. (Corner of Forest Rd.)Flare
Maynard Rd., Nos. 78 & 1002 Ph.I.B.
Malvern Avenue2 H.E.
Copeland Rd.. Nos. 24, 26 & 281 H.E.
Balliol Ave.I.B. Container (full)
Carr Road, Nos 35-37U.P.
Waterhall Ave., Nos. 48 & 50x I.B.
Cothbert Rd., No. 48/td>Ph.I.B.
College Rd., No. 221 H.E.
Barclay Rd.. Nos. 93 & 95Ph.I.B.
Betoyne Ave., Nos. 2, 3, 24 & 26x I.B.
Clarendon Rd., Nos. 15 & 15a1 H.E.
Fraser Rd., Nos. 17/9/211 H.E.
Chinglord Lu., nr. Betoyne Ave.24 S.N.I.B.
Beech Hall Rd., No. 151 U.X. H.E.
Walthamstow Ave. (London Metal Products)1 H.E.
Wigram Square, No. 4Flare
Chingford Ln. Golf Course, nr. The Avenue1 H.E.
Maynard Rd., No. 97Ph.I.B.
Maynard Rd., No. 93Ph.I.B.
Shernhall St. (allots.)Ph.I.B.

The 29th April saw the fall of one unexploded shell in Corbett Road.

29/ 4/44Corbett Rd., No. 491 A.A.

On May 11th one unexploded Rocket shell fell at the rear of a house in Billet Road.

17/ 5/44Billet Rd, No. 57U.X. U.P.

On 16th June a nose-cap of an A.A. shell fell in West Avenue Road, and on the 17th June one unČexploded and one exploded shell fell in the Borough, the former in High Street and the latter in Wadham Road.

16/ 6/44West Ave. Rd., No. 21Shrapnel
17/ 6/44High St., No. 1371 A.A.
Wadham Rd., No. 261 U.X. A.A.

On the 22nd July an old camouflet was discovered on the Walthamstow Cricket Ground.

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