Type 1

Box No 8 Battery operated


Box size is approximately 5 inches square by 5¾ inches high. The inscription on the battery is:
Dania dry cell High EMF - low resitance. Will not deteriorate in store

BatteryThese boxes are based on the same basic technical design but have various
construction variations. This one came complete with key - most surprising !
It also has an auto lock drawer for the accessories, and it also appears to have an original square type battery with brass terminal on top. The battery had a lot of corrosion on it but it was intact (and flat of course). I have never heard of this make of battery, but this may date it at before my time.

This box is one of the worst condition boxes that I have acquired. I found this one on a stall at an antiques fair at Berkeley on the late May Bank Holiday. It cost me £20 , which seemed a lot considering the state it was in, but it did have a good selection of 6 applicator handles, 2 of the usual brass tubes and 3 cloth covered pads of various shapes, a wire brush, and a small round nose rod.
To use the cloth covered ones, the instruction is to dip them in salt water to give them good conductivity for the electric pulses, and avoid the unpleasant  stinging sensation
The corrosion and damage to this box is mostly due to the pads being put away in the box while wet, and the lid closed up.
This is thus another clean up or restoration job for the ’busyboy’ workshop !!
I finish this job in late June, and it performs well on a 1.5 volt cell concealed
in the original antique battery case.

Box 8
Box 8
Box 8
Cct 8

The picture on the left shows the basic circuit.

The picture above shows the assortment of applicator tools with this box. The leads that came with the box are also unique in that the had the special end spikes to fit the box terminals and the applicator handles.

These boxes generally have odd bits of wire to connect up, - often twisted rubber flex. (all gone hard and unusable with age)