Type 1

Box No 1 Battery Operated


Box size approximately 5 inches square by 6 inches high

Box 1 Closed

Box 1 Open

Original Instructions


CCt 1a
Cct 1b

This is the first box that I acquired from a flea market in Cirencester Town Hall. It was amongst a miscellaneous selection with the lid closed. I realised what it was when  the seller opened it for me to see. He claimed that he was selling it for his wife. He said he didn’t know what it did, -  but it was a nice little box for £25. After the usual haggle he settled for £20.
When I got home with it, sad to say it did not work !! -  had I been diddled?
The basic circuit of these devices is as shown on the previous page , with a low number of turns for the low battery voltage, and a high number of turns of wire on the transformer output winding to get a high voltage.
To get a high number of turns without taking up too much space meant using a very fine wire, and on this device there was a break somewhere. On unwinding the coil it was found that the wire layers were insulatedwith strips of newspaper (with date on one piece of 1921), which dates the box accurately.
The ‘break’ was repaired and the device now works perfectly.
The method of control over the output is quite ingenious. Inside the transformer is a magnetic core, and sliding over this was a brass shorting sleeve -  pulling the sleeve out increased the coupling between the coils and a higher output was obtained.
The layout drawing above shows the relative component positions and the connections, with an easy to follow schematic drawing below. In describing the other boxes I show only the schematic drawing to illustrate the various ingenious methods of varying the output to suit the ‘patient’.
This unit has an accessory drawer on the right hand side to hold the applicator handles and wires, a clever plunger device operated by closing the lid locks this drawer closed to prevent the drawer falling out when the box is being transported .
This box also had a piece of paper with the original instructions shown above -  with a typed version below it.

The key for the box had not survived, so I made a new one .