Type 1

Box No 4 Battery Operated


Box size is approximately 6 1/2 inches by 7 inches by 8 inches high. It has no identification or makers name on it

Box 4
Box 4 Open
Box 4 open

Technically the output from this device has terminals to select  ‘'P' for low voltage and ‘S’ for high voltage , The output can be varied by moving a copper sleeve in the transformer core.

There is in addition a selector switch to select two voltages from the battery.There is quite a large battery compartment on this box, which could have held a wet cell .

This box came from a different unit at the Gloucester Antiques Emporium, and it cost me £25 by direct bargaining. It was not on display, the seller brought it from his home in response  to my enquiry several weeks earlier.

This is a very imposing box with its drop down front carrying the ‘works’. It has a good selection of applicator tools for the ‘poor’ patient to use. Or perhaps they didn’t have much say in the matter?

The tools in this box are not the ordinary common brass ones , they are chrome plated. The device has a novel rod device attached to the on - off switch, so that when the front door with the ‘works’ on it is closed after use, the rod device pushes the switch to the ‘off’ position  to ensure the battery is not drained. I  had to do a bit of work on the hinges on this box, but electrically it works perfectly, with shocking results !