Type 1

Box No 5 Battery operated by external battery.


Box size approximately 7 3/4 inches by 8 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches high. It has no makers name on it

Box 5

Box 5 Open

Cct 5Technically this box really looks as if it means business. It has a switch to select power from an internal dry battery fitted behind the front opening door, or to an external supply connected to terminals on the panel. It has a large transformer inside, the output of which can be varied by moving the magnetic core in and out. (shown partly out on the picture)

There is no choice of the usual low voltage from the primary winding on this unit, the secondary winding has a 4 position selector switch to select the output power level required. There is a separate large interrupter unit on the panel with a heavily weighted adjustable armature, that can be set to give quite low frequency pulses. This is a powerful unit and it works well, but can be controlled down to a low output if the patient is sensitive.

Unfortunately there were no applicator handles or cables with this unit, and I must confess I had to ‘make’ a new leather handle. This is the most powerful of the units I have, and it required a fair bit of work, apart from the new leather handle (which was part of a dog lead).
The back of the box was broken at the hinges where the lid had been forced back too far, and as usual I had to make a key for the door. The magnetic core is stored in clips in the lid when not in use. The best description for this one is that it had been around a bit , it wasn’t very expensive anyway!
I think I paid £22 for this box, which was a fair price for the condition it was in!