Type 2

Box F Hand Generator


Box size is approximately  10¼ inched wide by 4¾ inches high by 4¾ inches deep. This box has a nice label in the lid but surprisingly no makers name. It does have a couple of testimonials on the label extolling the benefits  of treatment by this type of machine


August  2003
Browsing the Gloucester Antiques Centre I came to a unit selling all sort of tools and other antiques. It looked so familiar I was sure I have bought several things from the owner. The last time I was there the chap I was thinking of was just packing up all his stuff and giving up the unit. He had decided to sell all his stuff on the Internet—  on ebay.com.  BUT !!  something must have gone wrong with the idea and one of the supervisors said he was keen to come back, but as his old unit had been let to someone else he had to take a smaller unit, but I still recognised some of his gear.

He wasn’t there so I couldn’t ask him. To get to the point   - in one of the cabinets was a hand wind medical shock machine like the ones I collect. It was in fairly good condition, and similar design to the last one I bought at Berkeley. After a bit of negotiation on the phone by the supervisor he agreed to sell for £100 A bit dear I suppose, but once seen— must have!!

The supplier’s label had the usual  instructions and the claims are quite novel.

Box F

As I have said before the mechanics of these boxes are so similar that they must be all made by the same manufacturer, and all the medical “quacks” buy  them and put their own instructions in the lid.

As usual a key has to be made for the lock, and some flexible leads need to be made up in place of the stiff house wiring cables that had been fitted, otherwise the box worked OK, and with a bit of TLC I have yet another one for the collection.

Box F

Testimonial 1

E.W. Tuson , Esq., F.R.S. in the
London Medical Times says :-

“Medical Agents will do much for the treatment of disease, but MAGNETO – ELECTRICITY will do more, and produce a more decided result , while a much more Permanent advantage may be looked forward to from its proper application.

Testimonial 2

The world celebrated Dr. Abernethy, in his lectures, after lauding this agent highly in a great variety of diseases , remarks :-
ELECTRICITY is a part of surgical practice that may be considered Unique. All other means operate on the surface  but electricity will pervade the very centre of the body.