Type 2

Box G Hand Generator

This box is almost identical to the last one I acquired . Again there is no makers name , but it has the usual descriptive label in the lid complete with a couple of testimonials the same as in the lids of other boxes I have.

September 2003          
I was browsing in the Gloucester Antiques and in the same unit that I found the last box was another one! I think he must be collecting them up knowing that I will buy them! As before a bit of negotiating on the phone and a similar price was paid for this one. I shall be in a bit of a quandary if next time I go in he has got yet another one for sale!

This one was in slightly better overall condition, but with original wires to the applicator handles. The drive mechanism was in excellent condition except for the drive belt which was a piece of string ? (bit more from Sue’s satchel again required) The device works well and I did not intend to overhaul the mechanism, but during  testing I found that the rotor assembly made a bumping sound as it rotated due to the shaft at the insulated end having worked loose, so I had to put that right ( super glue ? ) The other thing that I have to do however is to fit a lock and key as the lock is missing altogether. I was lucky in this respect as I went to the Wednesday car boot at the Gloucester market the next day and found an old box with a similar ‘antique’ type lock and it only cost me £1.50. A very good buy I thought!

Of course I shall have to make a key but this is no problem, just time consuming.The last one I made looked so good it could have been mistaken for the original, except by the experts who know full well that  it is rare for keys to survive, indeed a couple of the boxes I have looked as if they had been forced open with a screwdriver where the key was missing.

I finished this at end of October  -  one more for the collection !!

Box G

A couple of chrome applicator handles with this unit, with  turned and polished wooden end pieces where the cables connect. No need to show the circuit on these any more they all have identical systems.


Box G