Type 2

Box C Hand Generator


Approximate size of  box is  5½ inches wide by 3 inches deep by 2¾ inches high. The label in the lid states :-   PATENT MAGNETO ELECRIC MACHINE  - improved and in very small print in the corner the name:
Rawson & Brailsford.  Lith.  Sheffield.

This is the smallest of my hand generator boxes , and is a sort of miniature version of the other ones . I went to a Wotton Auction sale last year and I couldn’t believe my eyes to see a “diddy” version of the hand generator medical shock machines that I had collected.

As far as I was concerned it was a ‘must have’ item to add to my collection. The estimate price for it in the catalogue was £40 so this was good, as the whole thing although complete, was not in very good condition, so it was a fair price.

I was kidding myself as it turned out, as unfortunately for me there was another chap at the auction who had also decided he wanted it at any price. It turned out to be furious bidding for it, but if it was worth it to him it had to be worth it to me, and between us we pushed the price to over £200, but I won in the end, and as I could repair the thing I was still pleased with purchase - if not the price !!

The chap who was bidding against me must have been a mad collector like me as the same thing happened on another electrical device in a nice mahogany box, and between us we pushed that one up to three times the estimate, but again I won.

Pity really, as although this one looked like a medical device, when I got it home and took it apart, it was actually a power source for measuring skin resistance or something -  O.K. for me to play with but not really in line with the gadgets I was collecting. 

Box C

Box C

The electrical circuit for this box is the same as boxes A & B of my collection so I have not shown it again .

Box C open