Type 2

Box D Hand Generator


Approximate size of this box is  10½ inches wide by 5 inches deep by 6 inches high. The box has  a celluloid  nameplate on the lock edge of the box:


This box is my “birthday box” from Sue and Cath (organised by Sue). It is the best of the four boxes I now have. It has a drawer at the side to store the applicator wands, and has a dial on the top lid connected to the shock level adjuster so that the same shock can be reproduced each time for the patient -  or more if required !

There is a short story on how I came to be given this box by the girls. Sue and I were browsing the antique shops in Hartney Wintney close to where Sue lives - only just looking of course !

We were passing the window of a jewelers and antique shop almost at the end of our visit, I think we had probably been in the shop anyway, and out of the corner of my eye I spotted this box on the shelf in the window, I almost missed it !!
It was one of the hand generator boxes similar to the ones I have acquired. But - this one was a much better model. It had a dial on the top and a storage drawer for the ‘tools’.

To me it was another ‘must have’ for my collection, - there was only one snag to that, and it was the price —– £450  I ask you, who would pay that ? Walking down the street I was contemplating going back and making an offer but I was discouraged by someone ?, and so we came home.

Time made matters worse, and I was making all sorts of suggestions on how Sue could buy this for me. I don’t know how much collusion there was between people concerned, but the satisfactory conclusion was reached that I would pay a lump sum towards it, and Sue and Cath would pay the rest so that they could give it to me for my birthday,  -- that was after Sue had negotiated a very good discount from the dealer! - well done!!

Box D closed


Box D open


I had a bit of work to do on this box as the drawer was not a good fit, and one of the bearings needed attention. Also I felt I had to replace the modern plastic drive belt with a
leather one. (bit more of Sue’s satchel cut off I am afraid !!)


Cct D

As said on the previous page this is the best of the 4 boxes of this type that I have.

The basic principle of rotating coils in front of a large magnet to generate the electric pulses (or shocks ) to so say stimulate the nerves is exactly the same as the other boxes.

The only difference between the four boxes is that box A has only got a single drive belt pulley system, and the others have got a step up drive gear and then a final drive belt. (for simplicity only a single drive is shown to illustrate the principle on all of the boxes )

The result of the double drive is to be able to rotate the coils at a faster rate and thus the strength and the frequency of the shock for the ‘lucky’ patient is increased. Apart from the nice box and the handy drawer to store the patient’s tools, the great advantage of this box is the accurate control of the magnet keep with a screw thread adjuster, connected by gears to a nice dial on the lid, so that the output power level can be set accurately to a known value each time.

 The other boxes with pull levers on the keeps on the magnets are a bit hit and miss, often to the disadvantage of the 'patient'.