Type 3

Box B Mains Powered


This is the box given to me by Cath. The description for it is  ‘Violet  ray  high frequency apparatus’ made by  WAPA  STRAHLER made in Germany. Volt  80 - 250
It has  14 applicator wands and is stated to be c1920. I don’t know how it was run on the lower voltage stated, but it works perfectly on 240 volts

Box B

The circuit that I have shown is similar to Box No 3A The maximum power is preset by the fixed adjustment inside the control box, and the output control gives you from nothing up to the maximum - if you can stand the sparks flying around.

I had to replace the output cable on this box like I did on the other one, as the rubber insulation had become hard and cracked and sparks would jump out from the cable if you touched it - very nasty, but not lethal.

Box 10

This unit still had a very ancient 2 pin mains plug made of a ceramic material. I kept this original plug and it happened to fit a modern shaver socket adapter to fit a 13A socket.

To use this machine the appropriate glass wand is selected  and the power level, and the glass wand applied to the body as required .

The advice is that if the wand is held firmly against the flesh a warm tingling feeling will
be felt, quite soothing so they say! However if the wand is held away from the flesh sparks will jump to the flesh and give a sort of stinging feeling rather than a tingling feeling which will increase the stimulation of the nerves.

Their words  - not mine!


Box 10 open



Above is a closer view of 10 of the glass wands in the lid of the unit. I will leave it the imagination as to where some of these were intended to be used .

To make such a comprehensive array of  applicators for this electric shock stimulating device was impressive, perhaps some people did derive some benefit from the nerve stimulation provided. It must be borne in mind that the modern ‘Tens’ machine does give relief to some people for many painful complaints. This device does however, seem to have an applicator to cater for a huge range of complaints, and no good home should be without one !!

Cath obtained a copy of the guidance and instruction sheets for one of these devices  -  it isn’t for this device actually, but for a different make of the same system. I have put a copy of these sheets on the next pages just for interest, but really the mind boggles at some of the cures. (No further comment needed )


Instruction 1 Instruction 2
Instruction 3 Instruction 4