Type 3

Mains Powered


Mains operated devices to produce a high frequency static type of electric charge .This is applied to the skin or hair or any part of the body allegedly to stimulate the body and cure an unbelievable list of complaints

These contraptions need to be treated with some caution as they are powered from the ‘mains’ electricity supply! It is fortunate that although the leads on the device carry the ‘mains’ supply the actual output high frequency charge is an induced effect and not directly connected to the mains wiring.

The resulting output for the ‘fortunate’ or ‘unfortunate’ patient is the most spectacular of all these medical shock gadgets, and the glass applicators light up a bright blue colour and sparks will jump up to half an inch from the applicator to the patient if the applicator is lifted away from the skin. The effect on the patient is not so alarming as it looks however, and produces more of a ‘pins and needles’ feeling on the area being treated.