Type 1

Box No 9 Battery operated


Internet purchase! Nov 2003

This is the first purchase I have made on Ebay.co.uk which is the Internet much acclaimed site for buying and selling almost anything !!!. A good picture was shown on the sellers site and a good description.
Once I had managed to sign in to the system, which was supposed to E-mail a return acceptance which didn’t happen until 2 days later, the buying was fairly easy.
The bidding was in progress when I became interested and was at £20 - not bad I thought  -  but every time I put in a bid a few hours later I would get the message  ‘you have been outbid’ - so after several attempts I had to jump to £90 and that was it. There followed a few E-mails to find the sellers address
and the postage etc. Off went my cheque and true to his word the parcel arrived within the week.
Not an amazing bargain but good value compared with prices of others I have.

Box 9
The box is larger than usual and is 11 inches wide, 9 inches high and 6 inches deep. As usual the key for the lock is missing but it has a suitcase type lock which snaps shut, so I may make a key later.
Box 9

 A drawer on the left hand side houses the battery [4.5 volts] The applicator tools and things are housed behind a flap in the lid, along with the magnetic control core that is inserted in a hole in the side of the box to finely control the ‘output’ with a coarse control switch on the right hand side of the top panel. The vibrating interrupter assembly on the panel is used to set the frequency of the ‘output’ mainly by moving  the weight along the
vibrating arm.
The circuit diagram for this unit is similar to box No. 5 except that  there are no terminals for alternate battery supply. It has a device for holding the vibrator arm lock during transit, and another that pushes the main switch to the 'off'’ position when the lid is closed.
The tools that are with this box are shown on the left. The comb is a new one and the pen like pointed device looks as if it could be used for hair removal by electrolysis. some of the other plates etc. need a good imagination to wonder about how they could be used, and where !