Type 1

Box no 6 Battery Operated


Box siz is approximately 5 inches squear by 5 inches high
It has no makers name on it

Box 6
Box 6 open



This box is another of the battery operated ones. It came from an antique tools unit in the Gloucester Antiques Emporium - what it was doing in there I don’t know !

It has the usual cylindrical applicator tools in brass. The control is by moving the transformer magnetic core in or out of the transformer - the black knob of this can just be seen in the left corner on the inset picture, a separate interrupter unit is fitted alongside it.

The most interesting thing about this box is the battery compartment. This one has a central hook connection for a direct connection to the battery, and a clamp screw and an adjustable lead or zinc tapered rod for the other connection, this tapered rod was in the box slot on the left of the battery box.

This leads me to believe that the unit had a wet cell of the ‘Leclanche’ type, and not a dry battery. In retrospect as mentioned box No. 2 was of similar design before I mistakenly tidied it up. I am now looking for one of these batteries. (hopefully !)

Cct 6