Type 2

Box B Hand Generator


Approximate size of box  10 inches wide by 4¾ inches deep by 4½ inches high.
There is an instruction label but no manufacturers name

Box B Closed

This box is again a lovely piece of work in a nice box . I found this one in Hungerford in an antique shop called ‘Below Stairs’. I honestly could not believe my eyes to find another hand generator box similar to the one I already had - and a better one at that !
The bigger shock was the price, it was several times the price I paid for the first one, box A . What a predicament ! it was a ‘must have’ item for me, and as I don’t drink or smoke this must be my little luxury spend. I struck a hard and unusual deal with the
seller who agreed to a £60 drop in price for a cash in hand deal, as long as no receipt was required - huh! sounds dodgy doesn’t it ?

Anyway I managed to empty my pockets and just made the cash amount, and off  I went without even exchanging names - and I was very satisfied.

Technically the unit works on the same principle as box  A . The difference on this one was that it had a double drive system - a gear drive plus a belt drive, which meant that the coils went faster and gave a higher voltage and a higher frequency.

A second innovation was that the contact breaker now had extra cam lobes and gave one strong pulse followed by two weaker ones all the time. There was the normal adjustable ‘keep’ on the magnet to give basic control of the output. It had the normal brass applicators - hand held type, but they can be applied anywhere.

Box 2 open
Cct B

These medical boxes seem to have a far higher ‘antique’ value, and they appear on the ‘internet’ auction sites at quite high prices, and are often bought by collectors abroad.

As I had paid £200 for mine on a ‘ must have’ basis, I was consoled by the fact that identical boxes were selling for much higher prices, and my ‘investment’ was still a fair one.