Type 1

Box No 2 Battery Operated


Box size is approximately 5 inches square by 5 inches high. It has a small circular nameplate in the lid -
SALANSON & CO Opticians Bristol, Cardif & Gloucester

Box 2
Box 2 open
Cct 2f

This is a nice little mahogany box and unlike some of these boxes it has a nameplate. I don’t know if the name on the plate is the manufacturer or just the supplier as an ‘optician’ seems an unlikely source.

The battery connections on this box were a bit untidy, and to put right what I thought was the ravages of time I tidied them up a bit. The square batteries with a single terminal on the top are no longer available, so I made up a battery with brass terminals on the top so that I could demonstrate that it worked.

However, when I acquired  Box No. 6 it also had a similar arrangement for the battery, and I think now that the original battery might have been a wet type cell in a glass pot like a ‘Lechlanche’ cell, and not a dry battery - still thinking on this one.

The output power is chosen by connecting to terminal ‘P’ or ‘S’ as required.

The design of the box is not as good as the first, in that the drawer has no catch, and can slip out and spill its contents if the box is tipped.