Type 1

Box No 3 Battery Operated


Box size is approximately 5 inches square by 5 3/4 inches high. It has a celluloid nameplate on the lid
HANCOCK & CO 32 Westgate St Bath

Box 3
Box 3 open
Cct 3

Technically  the output of this unit is adjusted  by moving the magnetic core in or out of the transformer core. It has a separate interrupter unit to adjust the frequency, which avoids having to adjust each time the main core is moved.

The output has a selector switch marked  P & S

P gives a voltage of a few volts from the primary winding  for sensitive areas.

S gives 30 volts or more from the secondary winding for other areas!

This is quite a nice box, I think I got this one from the Gloucester docks Antiques Emporium. This one cost me £25 which I think was a reasonable price (after the usual discount !)

It has a safety locking pin which locks the drawer shut when the lid is closed, a well thought out  idea to stop the drawer falling out when carrying the box. It has an assortment of applicators to apply to the ‘patient’. There is the normal drum handle type that everyone imagines are held in the hands, but of course they can be applied anywhere on the body. The domed mushroom headed ones covered in a material are for better contact, and are supposed to be dipped in a salt solution to conduct the ‘output’ better to the suffering ‘patient’.

The output is varied by lifting the magnetic core out of the transformer, it is shown partly raised in the picture above (with white scale at back left corner) The brass terminals on the left hand front corner in the picture are the top of a battery box made by me and are not “antique”. 
Again the key was missing, so I made a new one.