Type 2

Box E Hand Generator


Box size is approximately 10 inches wide by 4¾ inches deep by 4½ inches high This box had a makers label on the inside of the lid. The strange thing about these hand generator machines is that only small variations exist in the basic works, and the likeness is so great that I would suspect that they might be all made by the same firm, or from a basic kit or something.

This box is a surprise box really, and I spotted it at the Berkeley antiques fair on the late May bank holiday - at the same time as I found the last battery operated one - Box 8. Like the battery one it was in a very poor condition, as it been in a very damp place and the wooden box was falling apart, but at least it was all there and the working bits were complete, except for the drive belt, but a bit more cut from a school satchel will solve this.
This one cost ‘big’ money, the lady wanted £45 so I made a take it or leave it offer of £30, and did she look pleased, and took my money. Perhaps they found it on the tip or somewhere, but it was worth it to me for the challenge !!


Box D closed

Box E
Box E open

This is one of the few boxes that has the has a makers name on it. The basic brass frame needed careful straightening, but considering how distorted the whole thing was, it re-assembled quite well, and setting it up from scratch produced a powerful unit, which gives a good ‘kick’ even on the minimum setting. The wires to the patient handles are actually bare wire, and the handles are larger than usual. The list of complaints for which treatment by this machine is recommended is extensive.